Subconscious Interaction (Dream Sequence)
Can you remind me what we are doing here?

Chris Van Sickle:
Shh, be quiet Michael. The performance is starting, so you better be paying attention this time

Performance? Performance of what?

Chris Van Sickle:
Just face forward and pay attention to the show

Fine. I’ll be quiet. This better be good though
[Applause fades out slowly during the conversation, and is completely gone by the end. There is a slight moment of silence, followed by singing. The performance has begun.]

[1] E + O:
I’ll love you for all of my life
For better or worse, all my life
All that I do, has been for you
So Love, call me yours every night

[1] E:
I promise to stay by your side
Just let me know where I should go
And in case that’s not what you noticed
It’s something I pray that you know
I’ll be the one like I promised
I hope you see that as fact
You’re all that I want, please understand
You hold all the things that I lack
[1] O:
Every time we are together
You’re all I have in my sight
I prayed to the Gods for some guidance
And they sent me you as a light
I’d walk you through all the darkness
Just never let go of my hand
I promise you beautiful music
You’ll always be part of my plan

[1] C + E + O:
I’ll love you for all of my life
For better or worse, all my life
All that you see, was never for me
So love, I’ll be yours all my life
All my life

[1] E:
How can I know if our love is true?

[1] O:
Let me express all that I feel for you

[2] O:
The most beautiful face that I’ve seen
With eyes like glistening water
I promise you’re everything to me
And I can’t wait any longer
The world knows my beautiful music
But no one has seen my muse
So I’ll write you beautiful music
You’re all that I never want to lose
[3] E:
Love! Come close and hold me!
Love! I feel death in my veins
Sing to me beautiful music
Heal me of all of my pain

[3] E:
Darling, I’m scared, come and hold me
I thought we would never be apart
Right now you are all I want to see
I can feel the slowing of my heart

[3] O:
There must be a way that I can help you
You and I aren’t made to part
Just tell me exactly what I need to do
To save your dying heart
You’re dying…
I promise you life, I’ll rescue you today!
I promise you I’ll find a way

[3] A:
Go find her…
Bring her back…
Go find her…
Bring her back…
[4] O:
My only goal is now to save my lover
She still had so much life left to live
To me she surpassed all of the others
She still had so much love left to give!

[4] O:
I know what to do, I know what I heard
To hades I go, to the underworld

[5] H:
Mortal fool you stand in my domain
Nothing that you do here can keep you safe
Tell me why you come here, don’t you waste my time
Since no one who has come here leaves alive

[5] O:
I come for someone dear to me
The only one I can love
You must understand you see
That’s why I came from above

[5] H:
Well hurry up boy
You have my attention
Well hurry up boy
Or you’ll be taught your lesson

[5] H:
You may go, take her too
Here she is, beside you
Take the stairs, over there
I wish you well on your mission
But only on one condition

[5] O:
What do you ask of me?
It will be done

[5] H:
I’ll only let you take her, if my terms are heard
If you take the stairs with her,her safety is assured
If you turn your head to her, even just a glance
She will vanish yet again, but no second chance
She will stay with me again, never to depart
You will suffer painfully, up with your broken heart
Give me my answer…

[6] O:
I shall agree

[6] H:
Now, Leave this place
My boy, Make haste

[6] O:
I’m sorry. Forgive me
I failed you, Completely
Someone, please anyone, hear me
Hear me...

[7] A:
I am here, and I hear you
I have seen all you’ve done
You did your best to help her
But now she is gone
I’ll offer you some pity
I think you will comply
Leave this world around you
And join me in the sky
You will see her laughing
In the stars above
I can see her gratitude
For your undying love
There is nothing for you
You said that yourself
So come with me
I think you need some help

[7] O:
Apollo please! Show me pity!
I have placed myself farther than my eyes can see
I agree

Chris Van Sickle:
So, What did you think?

I think I learned a lesson

Chris Van Sickle:
Well, thats good. And what was that lesson?

It was that I…

Chris Van Sickle:
You don’t need to answer that. See, all I am is a figment of your subconscious acting as a way of telling you things that you don’t know you know, and therefore I already know everything you know, and things you don’t know you know. You know what I mean?

I guess I do. So, since you are just in my head, does that mean I can call you Chris now?

Chris Van Sickle:
No. It doesn't

V to the Sickle?

Chris Van Sickle:

The Sickler?

Chris Van Sickle:
What? No. Stay focused. Now, think hard, and once you are done with realizing how all of this is similar to what's going on for you, you may want to wake up, and give someone special a call. No really wake up. Wake up. Wake up!

Wake up! Michael, it’s almost 1 PM, you need to wake up

Fine! fine. Just get out. I have to do something