Billy Burbage
LSD all on my tongue, I'm staring up (staring up)
Thinkin' 'bout my life, and then I lit a blunt (lit a blunt)
Married to the game like I'm the only one (only one)
Got me, seventeen, when I was fucking young
Bullshit on my dinner plate
I had to fucking switch that wave
Steaks and scallops laying next to crème brûlée, this life is great
Woke up, said I make it
Wrote a song and then I flew away
Told my momma, "trust me, we gon' make it," all I had to say
Slept inside my car some nights
I really had no place to stay
My mind's awake
I'm smoking strain
It keep me sane
Smoking weed 'cause everything around me seem to change
Sometimes people make a little money and they never write the same

I been getting faded, I been getting faded
Listening to all these hoes, I really think I made it
My mother think I'm famous
I been getting faded, I been getting faded, ay, ay, I been-