Billy Burbage
Yuh, Yoda(Yoda)
Sadboi, SadboiYoda
SadboiYoda Bitch

[verse 1: SadboiYoda]
(yuh) I just fucked yo hoe, yea I did that shit two times
Then her boyfriend ran up on me, he got done up two times
Yeah i fucking roll this wood up, rolled it two times
Damn it split open grab another roll it up and you know me n***a(yuhhh)

[verse 2: SadboiYoda]
They said I'm the damn chosen one
Shout out n***a Will
He pull up on you, and you gunned(pow)
And this n***a he got froze
Pulled up on him all way rose
And I pulled up and I stayed up on my shit talking ten toes

[verse 3: SadboiYoda]
Hold up, Got a new speaker
Bitch i'm fucking flexed up, i'm not in the bleachers
Bitch you in the bleachers, You watching from the nosebleed
And I'm smoking gas, play my shit, new c's
Yeah, purp on me sherbet to and you know me
I pulled up on you and flex with that flee(all flex)
Yeah I just got that new alpaca fleece
And yo bitch said that she really like me( she do)
I said lil hoe i'll take you on a date( come on)
Then I took her on a date now we laid(laid)
Then she hopped up in the whip, gave me O(ooh)
All I said is she fuck where she ate( good talk)
Hold up, yeah she sucked me up(ooh)
And I pulled up on a n***a and I came in real close
Please don't pass the backwood pass the berry dutch
You know just how i'm coming yeah
I'm just flexed up like whatt(like what)
Sadboi(sadboi) Yoda(uh)