Billy Burbage
(yung noog)
Yo bitch she call me papi
Ya my diamonds they be flossy
She be fuckin wit my posse
And my plug his name is joshy
Yeah You know I am the boss
Cuz Her panties i take off
I be sippin on this voss
Bitch I feel like randy moss
My wrist it got the sauce
In my car I got the nos
Bet you shoppin at Ross
When I don’t care what it cost
Gotchyo bitch on my dick
She be suckin like a tic
I be tryna flip a brick
Know I’m tryna hit a lick
Pockets got the cheese
Gotchyo bitch she on her kness
She a mothafuckin tease
Had to send her overseas
I rap for kosmic order
Met a girl across the boarder
Then I set up my camcorder
Cuz she said I could record her
I be Sippin on some lean
After that I pop a bean
At yo team we aim the beam
Then we ride to Krispy Kreme
Me and Jimmie at the scene
And yo bitch she is a fiend
Had to pass her to the team
Cuz my dick was in her spleen

Codeine, green trees, white snow
Please be, a rim job
From your bitch, it leaves me, freezing!
Sneezing, bless you
Iphone, text you
Icy, im pouring
Your borin, its showin
See 12, i floor it
Mom calls, ignore it
He floor it, i poor it
Poor it up
Double cup
Wrist on milly rock
On the block and im suited up
Going to church but im fucking her first
White tee gold chain semi auto burst bitch