Hi-C (Compton)
2 Skanless
[Intro: Hi-C]
Bang, n***a
Hi-C's in the muthafuckin' house
Check this shit out
We gon' get 2 Skanless on this muthafuckin' track
I got all my homeboys in the house
Tony-A's in the muthafuckin' house
See y'all check this ol' Skanless shit out
We gon' go a little bit somethin' like this
Hey yo homies, step to 'em
Do 'em

[Verse 1: DJ Quik]
Yo, it won't take long
For us to make a song
That you can sing along to
So bring along a few
Of your hoeish friends so I can watch 'em all squabble
Over who can suck the ick-doble
Even though your lovin' just takes me out
Why I wanna kiss you with my nut in your mouth?
I'll fuck you in between your jaws of course
And that's the reason your voice got hoarse
'Cause n***as like us tag-team on tour
You say you're 19, ho? Yeah, sure
And ain't no bitch that I met had a boyfriend
Lyin' and they steady tryin' to get in
Backstage the hooker couldn't get a fuckin' pass
Went up to my homie C and showed a lotta ass
And now she's in the dressing room lookin' dumb
Fuck it, help me bust a nut before the break comes
[Verse 2: AMG]
It ain't nothin' but a bucket full of cash and ass galore
Riches from the bitches and hoes from the shows
AMG, the king of 40oz swing
Makin' money with my ding-a-ling
And big dick for the tricks that buy my jam
How about a little wham-bam thank you ma'am?
I can give you champagne, dick and a bad name
When you play the role of a dick fiend
You know what I mean?
In my letom moor AMG runs the penis store
Buy three dicks for a dollar
It make you holler, it make you swallow
You gotta have dick control to be a 304
'Cause pussy ain't nuthin' but a hole
And most bitches ain't nuthin' but hoes
So what I'm gonna do right here on this tip
Is bust that Skanless shit

Yeah, doin' the shit like it should be done
Slingin' the shit like it should be slung
KK's in the muthafuckin' house
Lil' Frog's in the muthafuckin' house
Yo, check this shit out, homies
I want y'all to step to em
Won't y'all run up on the mic
Yo, kick that shit like this
[Verse 3: KK]
A n***a that's too kinda crazy to fuck with
Bring on the punk shit, you might get dealt with
'Cause I'm a skank, takin' all bank
Ain't got no time for a bitch when she stank
You better watch moms, she lookin' kinda proper
Ain't up in that ass, I'mma straight have to drop her
And if yo pops wanna join in a glitch
I punk him for his belt and whip him like a bitch
Oh yeah, it's a n***a like me
A fool KK fuckin' up your family
Sittin' on your porch with your grandma Bell
I'm waitin' for that check to pop up in the mail
I wanna fuck your sis, that ass gettin' fat
She might be 15, but she 21-stacked
You mad on a fuck? The pussy ain't no bigger
See, you can still be my homie to a Skanless ass n***a

[Verse 4: Lil' Frog]
I'm the F-r-o to the g, Lil' Frog
Pass me the 40, I'mma do it like a dog
'Cause I'm tired of the punk-ass suckers
I said Compton, some n***as said fuck us
But you know that shit ain't gon' work
Come to my hood and get rushed to the dirt
In the streets some fools are quick to let loose a cap
N***as with guns don't scrap
Now watch your so-called friends, they'll get atcha
They'll get jealous and jack ya
They can't fade me, gee, 'cause I'll cross 'em
Tear they ass up and toss 'em
Fuck a pimp and a player, that's old
Most bitches like cars and gold
So when I'm comin' in a Caddy like a big daddy
Boss hog, bow down to the Frog
[Verse 5: Hi-C]
One time for the nine and the deuce
Right now I'm 'bout to get real loose
'Cause Hi-C's in the muthafuckin' house
Turnin' this shit on out
Just a little bit better than the last time
So sucker, get ready for another rhyme
And n***as get offa my dick
As I kick a little somethin' like this
Once again it's the Crawf, the C-r-a-w-f
Now I'mma take a big, deep breath
Let's see..
Which happy hooker wanna mess with me
Ehm - mirror mirror, on the wall
Who is the Skanless of them all?
The mirror said; "Hi-C take no falls
Because he got a big, fat dick and balls"
Maybe one day I might meet my match
Jump in some coochie and never come baaaaaaack
'Cause I got girls that's deep
Dive in a pussy, drownin' six feet
Now how your parents gon' tell me I need to quit
Talkin' that Skanless shit
Last time I bust a nut on your little baby's head, n***a
Your child is born, now I'm fuckin' the baby sitter