2 Pistols
[Skit: Judge & 2 Pistols]
Ladies and gentlemen, we are here regarding case number zero-five, CF zero-zero-nine-five-two, The State of Florida v. Jeremy Saunders, A.K.A. 2 Pistols
Mr. Saunders on a previous date pled guilty to conspiracy to distribute three kilos of cocaine
Mr. Saunders, do you have anything to say prior to sentence?
Nah, nothin' at all, nothin' at all
Mr. Saunders, after viewing all the evidence in this matter, listening to thе confidential informants that you refer to as "friеnds"
And the eyewitness testimony from the Hillsboro County Sheriff's Department, it is my decision to remand you to the Custody of Corrections for fifteen years
Fifteen years, what?
—Although, Mr. Saunders, because of your proven dedication to the music industry, against my better judgement
I'm gonna suspend your sentence, and place you on probation for five years with one year's house arrest
I can assure you, Mr. Saunders, if I see you again, you'll spend every day of that fifteen years as a guest in the state of Florida
Young boss of the city, n***a
Soon to be the nation