Contact Blitt
[Subroc x2]
Keep on, you gotta keep on, you gotta keep on!

[Zev Love X]
Bust it
You gots to keep on it, that break-of-dawn shit
Smoke the cancer stick, and ya don't quit
We'll never, never know no whole tour bit
Known was Zev X, the O.E. alcoholic
I still get paid sums, I write albums
Sip the coke rums, loop the broke drums
Stunts get down thumbs, I think a stunt's a dunce
My rap label-mates? They all smoke blunts!
Went on this tour once, bus was loco
From Albuquerque to like Acapulco
See, it was Lord J, Sadat, Alamo
Busta and myself in the back with the whole O.Z
Deep in Cali, near the valley where it seldom rains
Sess is the best to all, except cells in the brain
And if you ever did, God forbid ya did
Get on that bus, you'd be one red-eye shut eye-lid kid
Word miz, the iz had the whole crew relaxin'
Boogie Brown with the box, boomin' new tracks and
Bust wants a stogie, he told Sub to ask Dinco
He had one mo', to bust 'em down, now
I'm peepin' Oynx askin' Baby Chris about the back drop
Fixin' his flack top, damn, I hate that flat top
Just then, the bus driver had the nerve and
Said, "Stop the smokin'", he be curvin' and swervin'
He popped junk like a sea sick sailor would fuss
Not like we got top bunks like on that De La bus
This was a Greyhound, the budget wasn't over most
Low budget, so, fuck it, let the motherfucker overdose
We puffed his bluff, he wasn't bullshittin'
The next L was lit'en and hit'en, so now he quittin'
We couldn't stand to stay in San Jose
And plus, we had a show in L.A. that same day
He said he'd take us down but he had to shake us down for 5 yards
Between the Gods, that's might trife
Mad heads to make mad frowns no night life
Bitch-ass bus driver wanna bring his white wife
And I'm ready to hitchhike, a six-four, one switch
Plus, he said no bitches on the bus except for his one bitch
N***as got edgy like a knife
Dedicatin' N***az4Life to my man and his wife
You might think that's the bitch, 'cause Gates was the shit
But only one week and countin' until the show at The Ritz
And you don't quit, 'til the last Philly is split
And get a buzzed bus driver off the contact blitt
And you don't quit, til the last Philly is lit
And get a buzzed bus driver over the contact blitt