Mr. Hood At Piocallee Jewelry / Crackpot
[Intro: Mr. Hood & Zev Love X]
[Mr. Hood] Let's enter this jewelry shop
[Zev Love X] Ah, c'mon Mr. Piocalles man, hook it up. 14K, def bracelet, you can't beat it kid!
[Mr. Piocalles] No I cannot do that, this is not a pawn shop, this is Piocalles Jewelry! Ahh, Mr. Hood, my favorite customer! What can I do for you today?
[Mr. Hood] I would like to see some gold rings
[Mr. Piocalles] Ahh yes we have these stupid phat gold rings, perfect for your masculine hands
[Mr. Hood] Some earrings for my wife
[Mr. Piocalles] How about these elephant studded diamond earrings, perfect for the woman of your dreams
[Mr. Hood] And a watch, for my cousin
[Mr. Piocalles] Ahh yes we have a Rolex for just under three-thousand, seven-hundred and ninety-two
[Mr. Hood] That is a beautiful watch
[Zev Love X] No, actually it's two-thousand, three-hundred and thirty-six green
[Mr. Hood] Many thanks for your help
[Zev Love X] Yeah he's always trying to jerk people!
[Mr. Hood] My name is Mr. Hood. What is your name?
[Zev Love X] Hmm... yeah I'm Zev Love X from KMD
[Mr. Hood] I am pleased to meet you
[Zev Love X] Oh yeah likewise uhh, how ya doin' anyway?
[Mr. Hood] Perfectly well, thank you. And you?
[Zev Love X] Oh I'm just chillin', ya see uh, but I got one problem, I come in here to pawn this bracelet. See ’cause this rhymin' for nickels business ain't makin' it. What I need is a job uh... Where you work at? They hiring?
[Mr. Hood] Follow this avenue (yeah) turn right at the corner (uh-huh), go to the left when you reach the square. (yeah), it is the house next to the theater
[Zev Love X] Oh. Huh. Yeah I know the line of work you're in, yeah
[Mr. Hood] Would you care for a spoon?
[Zev Love X] No go, I don't deal with that stuff
[Mr. Hood] They are not too expensive
[Zev Love X] As a matter of fact...
[Verse: Zev Love X]
This reminds me of the days of dwelling with those
Who killed off the weak for fancy clothes and hoes too
Not opposed to the picket fence dream
But both lie on the same side of the gate
It seems that it's all coming back to me now
Yeah umm uhh I figured it was about two summers ago
No jokin', no one-eyed winkin'
It was uh Crackpot, yeah Crackpot Jenkins
I first met Crackpot in like Head Starts
Since then I knew he wasn't too head smart
As I scribbled in art he insisted on standing in the sandbox
To collect unknown amounts of pebbles and stones to throw rocks
"It's in the wrists", he said when telling me in early physics lessons
Two atoms can't occupy the same space at the same time
Acknowledged by the playground's bully Wesson
Who felt Pot's rock then cracked Pot's face
Considering his aim, I warned he could hurt others with his game
Miss Creissman warned the same
Although, he didn't care, did he, ’cause in a decade and one year
He continued to throw rocks for a career
Paid and more paid as he pelt rocks felt by
Every brother in brown with whom he dealt
One more rock thrown, ah shoot
Under the ground was a boy in a blue suit
Still a lot of rock throwing going on up the block
But a pocket full of pebbles what locked up Crackpot
Should've used his wrists for the cut like Subroc
Maybe then he'd have avoided the common phony jackpot
Yeah, phony jackpot
[Outro: Zev Love X & Mr. Hood]
[Zev Love X] Yo man, we got much better things to do with your time
[Mr. Hood] Show me something better
[Zev Love X] What, something better? We built this place man. We're the Gods of the Universe, Kings and Queens of the planet
(If you or I could see this individual, we might call him an impractical dreamer, or a crackpot.)
[Zev Love X] No, I'm not Crackpot
(Would you have seen the scientific, intellectual, creative genius, in a small ragged negro boy?)
[Zev Love X] Uh-oh, uh-oh, oh no. You done set it off!