Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop...

[Verse 1: Zev Love X]
Top of the mornin to ya, top of the morn'
N***as been sleep, now yawn new born
To the break of dawn, we be Kausin' Mad Drama
Like hot butter on (popcorn mama)
I'ma, mindbender, I love tender skins gender
Realer than the eagle seal on your legal tender
I'm the spender, of every red cent 'til I'm stomped
Rock for the Kause, it's no comp cause we deep like a swamp
Zev Love a brother I never budges
I hold everything from mics to like grudges
I won't let a bygone be a bygone
Back to play the bitch n***as like a fly horn
I'm controllin all you snakes with, hookin up the cakes
With hot butter, the same like your grandmother bake up
Butt naked, take it from the Riddler, Batman
Who be the oddball, Jake or the Fatman?
Pass the gat man, the God fin' to make it go pop
A lot like the kid I used to break with
Way back when like eighty-four at my last look
He's lookin to get his ass whupped, and his cash took
That and a old school flavor like a bomber
Like hot butter on (popcorn mama)
Yeah (popcorn mama, popcorn mama, popcorn mama, popcorn mama)

[Verse 2: Zev Love X]
I won't funk fake, so let your toast go
Hip-Hop break, for the boast shit
Quick to make a cherry, make 'em feel like Mary
In hot butter (Sub word to your mother)
So big shit, well dig it I rock shit
I wig it I cock shit, I drink it, to lick off the wicked
Weak ones, deep in the club with sneak guns
And boogie with the fly freak unique hons
You got the runs, well we be runnin shit on the underrated list
I'm never played, and so we're Constipated
But so, what? I'm runnin shit in my pajamas
Like hot butter on (popcorn mama)

Yeah (popcorn mama, popcorn mama, popcorn mama, popcorn mama)

Like hot butter, you can't see this
Cause I'm the realest, on your breakfast toast yo
C.M., on your breakfast toast
Constipated Mind, on your breakfast toast (popcorn mama)
On your breakfast toast... {*ad libs to fade*}