Peach Fuzz
Thought I was gonna shave for a job that I wanted the other day
I was saved from putting that kind of bondage on my face
Not a slave to the razor, facial lacerator
I don't need a baby face 'cause I'm the baby maker
Besides who decided the sign of maturity
Would be how well you can hide the prizes of puberty?
I do what I gotta do for my family
But this is not the kind of L I would take happily
When Dave's men were sent back half shaven
He sent them away to hide until their beards came in
Know why he didn't prescribe to shave them?
The shame would've remained, lions were made mane-less
That's the kind of stuff that makes a baby cry
Something is wrong with daddy's face come take me Mom
A beard also lowers the chances
Of your wife receiving another man's advances
This is where pogonotrophy and theology
Meet properly fighting the culture of the colony
They say strange things associating
Clean and shaving they need educating
They don't know the role it plays in facilitating
The evaporation of perspiration
Shade in the summer heat in the winter
Protection from sun rays and wind plus
Even Jesus had a beard
So trying to be Christ-like and shave is weird
Cause Adam had a beard not (peach fuzz)
Moses had a beard not (peach fuzz)
Abe had a beard not (peach fuzz)
David had a beard not (peach fuzz)