Ace in the Hole
[Verse 1: Pete Nice, MC Serch]
Ace is the place with the helpful hardware
Prime's got a spare, it's truth or dare
Stare into the face of a kid who is a hypocrite
Take all that hate, why don't you try flipping it?
I never went out out drinking Pepsi sips
And never laced up my boots in fruity bits
I ain't British so my fetish ain't knighthood
Cause no one wears sequins in my neighborhood

[Verse 2: MC Serch]
Cause my feet are firmly planted on the concrete
High-top fade, with no need for a blonde streak
Now let me chill, it's a sign of maturity
And I would never steal a chant from a Black Greek fraternity

Elvis Elvis baby, too bold, too bold
Ice Ice baby, no soul, no soul

[Verse 3: Pete Nice, MC Serch]
Last year we gassed ya up
Now herbals fill your pastures
Masters of movement and mayhem
While last year, record shows stopped for a racist
Counting cards and blackjacks, throwing aces
Places I've seen and I've seen all types of grills
It's the K.M.D. beyond G. fills
Which builds up the fence for the fibs you're spraying
My ace is in the hole
So whatcha playin?
K.M.D. and 3rd Bass is just ace in the hole
I mean soul

[Verse 4: Zev Love X, Onyx]
That's it, right? Check it
Hum goes the kick, check out how I flick it
As the thumb presses quick, Sub is on the mix, yeah!
(The Birthstone Kid) Zev Love X
And Mr. X took a licking, so Onyx, what's the time it is?
Time is to get my cock-a-doodle rooster yapping
Wake a couple heads with my poor style rapping
Time is a quarter shorter that in order be sorta
Tap in my line and just Knowledge me
Eats the baby food with no bib
And ad-lib from the Reverend Rib's crib
The lesson is: Yeah, some [?] true and fix
Yeah, all Gods it's no fib
I'm talkin' bout the Nubians Wake us up
The black man
No sugar sweet snacks for the sour sap
To see home, why should I have to check the maps?
The haps is negative, I give many, many caps
For a heavy heavy gun, about a ton it weighs
That keep you busting off for days, as sure as every sucker pays
In time, tis mine
The cause is a hole with the Bass to ace the rhymes
[Verse 5: Onyx, Zev Love X]
Evils in my midst bound to get crushed, Rush
Helps to manage, we're Kausing Much Damage
So we go on and on, word bond
Mics, they got torn by the Kause long as Jimmy Cracks Corn bores
Hamhand gets no support
By the God Squad, God Body, for short call me God Born
Head-nod to this like a King of Swing thing and
Check the verse I disperse, see what I'm bringing
Is an ace in the hole
Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, an ace in the hole!
(Yeah) Ace in the hole?
Uh-huh, uh-huh, an ace in the hole!

[Outro: Pete Nice, All]
The Zev Love X Ace in the hole
Subroc Ace in the hole
MC Onyx Ace in the hole
To MC Serch Ace in the hole
DJ Richie Rich Ace in the hole
? Ace in the hole
To Cool Poppa Sha Ace in the hole
My man Smoke Ace in the hole
To one and another Ace in the hole
Sig Luva Ace in the hole
Boogie man J Quest Ace in the hole
To Kurious Jorge Ace in the hole
And jump to Bobbito Ace in the hole
To the... Ace in the hole
To SD 50's Ace in the hole
To G.Y.P. Ace in the hole
To my man Sam Sever Ace in the hole
My man Prince Paul Ace in the hole
To the crackhead gams Ace in the hole
To the one Chubb Rock Ace in the hole
To Vanilla Wafer, later!
Word to yo' mother!
Your mother, man oh man, word to your mother!