Before I’m Gone
[Hook: Devon]
They'll know my name, before I'm gone
Write it on the page, of the chosen ones
It's the only thing I can chase
Mamma it's gonna be ok
But maybe this ends today (hey hey hey hey)

[Verse 1: Hefna Gwap]
(Before I'm gone)
I gotta sell a thousand pounds
For the n***as who hated on me
And the bitches that wanna see me down
For my Cuzins who fake n phony
And that fake ass baby mama
Who nobody knows
Cuz she don't know me
(But that's before I'm gone)
They say that I'm to Intrakit
But least I ain't into shit
Thata have me on some prison shit
(Before I'm gone)
No matter how he will do
Jus know that he'll do
Even if I walk alone
All that before I'm gone
(But To keep it goin)
Before I'm gone, I gotta take of both of my seeds
Before I'm gone, gotta make statement for them and me
Before I'm gone, I hope you understand
The only bitch on my life I need to fuk is my music
Cuz she flows wit the plans
Before I'm gone, I Gotta live my life like 18
Before I'm gone, Before I'm gone
Read the receipt, Close the cash registers peep the beep
They look like silence when I speak
But bet before I'm gone, I bet they'll see
[Bridge: Devon]
I fell, I screamed, I cried, But I
I can't stand no more
I came, I ran, I conquered


[Verse 2: T-Shyne]
Before I'm gone I know that pops will be cool
Get him 40 and mule fuck following rules
Remember, rapping In school, battling dudes
Now a n***a got enough bars to shatter your crew
I'm from a time where it feels like there ain't a future
Before I'm gone I'm screaming fuck u to these fake producers
N***a you'll catch the fade then I'm out chucking deuces
The same n***as I do dirt with I'm riding coupes with
Before I'm gone i hope the cops will be gone
Tell these gold digging hoes walk along, before gone
Its evident, that a n***a is feeling heaven sent
King of my residents, that is the last testament
I run the city I'm stomping through it like elephants
And I keep it gritty I'm fuckin up all the elements
I'm so relevant , and so eloquent
I came from heaven to save the game for the hell of it(Before I'm Gone)


[Outro: Devon]
Ohhhhh my where went the time (Where went the time)
I fell, I screamed, I cried, I tired
But I can't cry no more
I ran, I came, I conquered
I came, I ran, I conquered