Inspire the Escape
Yo Caution
Ayo, ayo Cau'
Yeah, yeah yeah I'm coming in a minute
Yo Caution you hear me?
Yeah, fuck
Yo, bro what the fuck?
Fucking car bro
Ayo Caution!
Damn bro, ye-
Yo this car won't start bro
Yo Caution, fix that shit man!
Hold up, hold up, right here
Ayee, yah alright
Ay,you need me to give you the address bro?
Yeah Imma head there in a minute bro
Alright, alright, cool
You got that shit?
Yeah man!
Alright, alright, alright
We gon' get it bro

[Verse 1: Madison Iman]
Pain killing everyday
Shit is more than just a pill now
I can not be a proud
Wanna share this with my peers
But is feels like they peeled out
I just pressed on the pedal but think that I'm
Shifting up my gears now
(now, now, now, now)
Shifting up my gears now
Now, now
[Verse 2: Nyck Caution]
Man it’s the shift that I was taught about
When you finally make some notes they gonna toss you out
Ain’t a paper route I pray to be the savior now
But I can’t even save this fucking love that faded out
I know you faded out black with your black soul
Think the world is cracking to your parents you react and so
Distance and enraged feel nobody listens
Till The symptoms escalate
Then half the world be afraid
I promise you can put it down
If you about it
You in this dark place
I hope you get up out it
We all got pride and people always gas you up
But when they stop providing
You’ll be stalling with your records (up?)
Stranded on this highway
2AM, pop another Xanax and an Oxay
Probably crash landed
Till your body hits the cement
But if you home safe the next day
Then cycle just gets repeated
You heed the advice
You don’t need it
Difference and encaged
Freedom like a pigeon
But this prison in your brain
And Fiction is insane
Imagine what the sane do
They control but you’re permitted to escape
I’m tired of this pain
Inflate the tires and evade
Ignite whatever fires
Let the flame burn down the remains, hey
[Interlude: Nyck Caution]
I inspire the escape
I inspire the escape
I inspire the escape
What you doing?
What you doing?

[Chorus: Madison Iman & Nyck Caution]
It’s time for me to face reality
Do I want it this bad?
Fade is swelling and my destiny is fathoming
To my temple I can feel the react

[Verse 3: Nyck Caution]
I can see this breathe leave
Pollinate the seeds
Ovulate in peace by your lonesome
Get a grip
Can you feel that breeze on the beach
Fresh piece you feel it when your toes plung
Overload the system
We don’t follow rules anymore
Flowing coexistent with the falcons
Palace on my palate
Lust for gold
I be the alchemist
You challenge me to fly
I accept all the exceptions
Expect to see me hovering
And sex under my feathers
7 measurements are scattered back
And yesterday I weathered
And I get up whether if they hold the pressure
Uh they don’t mind
Honestly a stranger do
They act like everyone of you
But I just don’t know what to choose
Bronze spoon cause my silverware rusty
Mirror don’t trust me
[Bridge: Nyck Caution]
Sometimes I wish I was the same motherfucker
But I ain’t gon' suffer, anymore
I’ve been dealing with this pain all summer
And I’m just trying to get away
Get away, get away
Get away
I know I ain’t the same motherfucker
But I ain’t gonna suffer anymore
I’ve been dealing with this pain all summer
(pain all summer, pain all summer)
I inspire the escape
I just need to get away

[Outro: Madison Iman]
Get away
Get away
Get away
Get away
Get away
Get away
Get away
Oh oh, oh oh
Oh oh, oh oh
Oh oh, oh oh