504 Boyz
[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Y'all don't wanna war wit us, in this steel we trust
When there's beef best believe we bust
We can take it how you want it cuz we thuggin over here
Pure, uncut, raw butter over here

Yo you see the game getting better this year
They done put P with Afficial something better in here
I'm tryin to take em where they ain't been
Somethin out they price range
Ain't in they budget, you know they can't spend
Where we at, in a league of our own
And I know this chick now I'm tryin to meet at my home
So they can see the goods I got
About how there's one in every neighborhood
Strangers feel like they're tourin blocks
You know it ain't too hard to tell
That every member of my street team ain't too far from jail
And if he down then his book's healthy
You see, I don't only talk about the cars and the cribs, I look wealthy
Beef ain't a problem with us now
And n***a you can get as loud as you want, we hollow in the pound
And let em think they playin with that
And imma show em with one squeeze, how 16's spray in ya back

I write my rhymes in the kitchen cuz my balls is cookin
Used to fuck average bitches now the stars is looking
N***as scared and they shook, I can tell by their face
Cuz we hard to figure out, like the lock to a safe
I go to court the judge dropping the case
No blood as soon as I kill a n***a then I'm moppin the place
And I'm quick to pop the 8, that's just how I was raised
Desperado, name spread like the shells in the gauge
And age the major reason why they can't believe it
But we all quarterbacks and y'all gotta receive it
But they don't catch it till a year later
Minds kill, n***as lost so they gotta catch up like Hossfield
Your team don't squeeze, guess what, mines will
Or stop till there's a million a show like Seinfield
Plus we got the skill for this, any proven time
But this burner to your head, make you lose your mind n***a


I can feel the girls on my nuts, bout those Rolls and drops
Now it's hard to get her off like a Heiniken top
I got ten young boys on the block with them quarters
Nowadays I'm washin my car with spring water
Why you just try to send your man to merc me
You can't get rid of Flames, nickname is herpes
I'm a man, you a man, won't you act like one
See me face to face chump, watch me beat you like my son
You fucked up comin strong with the GOAT
Getting killed with no money now you dead broke
If the Liberty Bell rung it wouldn't stop this fight
Get buck like Bugsy and his men go hard all night
N***a you heard my bars, you know I got a bad mouth
Furnished and customized, you know I got a bad house
Game over, Afficial in here
I live inside of a shape, my house the Hollywood Square n***a

Come thru in a white Viper with the rally stripes
A trunk hold 6 bodies if you stack em right
Same hits over the celly, sit back and write
They only found half of ya so your casket lite
Now your body real easy to carry
These hoes talk to much, me and my A.K.s finna get married
2 shots to the grill, put a hole in ya smile
With a banana clip longer than the O.J. trial
Now let me find out you tried to put a stop to my sales
Put a hole through ya head like the top of a whale
If a n***a get knocked I can post my own bail
A million dollars in cash let me outta this cell
Man y'all n***as just beginners
I got enough bricks to rebuild the whole World Trade Center
Old school Regals, D's, and gold spinners
Everyday I got a different mink for the whole winter