50/50 Twin
Don’t Stare At Us
[Hook: Chamillionaire]
Show a big timer love, when you see me riding Dubs
Platinum chain diamoned up but, (please don't stare at us)
Coming through I see you, peeping me I'm peeping you
Find a better thing to do and, (please don't stare at us)
See me crooked on the corn', with a throwed yellow bone
I'm with her and you alone, (please don't stare at us)
Ice tray on my teeth, big freeze around my neck
Better get your mind correct and, (please don't stare at us)

[50/50 Twin]
More watch than a dope fiend, on my color changing ring
In my color changing car, I got color changing screens
Somebody's watching, I feel I'm breathing from the sidewalk
Chamillion when I parked the car, passed him my mentas
Do not tug on my pocket, and then bug me about it
Cause if I got it to give, I ain't stingy I'll drop it
50 snatch half a hundred, cash checks and stay stunning
Exit my house with a gun, to go get it like I'm running
Eating lunch on platinum plates, platinum knifes to stab steak
Who said money don't grow on trees, I rake my yard with platinum rakes
Pause, hold up, stop, wait is what they beg me to do
Its either Platinum FUBU, or Iceberg with Pikachu
Its the 50/50 Twin, twenty threes when I spin
I say you wanna lick my chain, she say you tease me again
No key to the Benz cause its voice activated
When my brother get off like, I know hatas have to hate it

[Paul Wall]
Here I come turn your head, why your girl turning red
You remind me of the type of person, that would turn fed
Turn your frown into a smile, she don't like you take a hint
Turn the corner, everybody stare at color changing tents
A lot of money I spent, to make blind people squint
I tip the waiter enough money, to pay for his rent
I hog the lane, listen how my horn be oinking
My diamonds got more points, than a point guard pointing
I'm badder than some sun glasses, better cover your eyes
I drive fast jaws drop, and eye brows rise
I hold it down like Sprint, mouth looking like gold bricks
Looking like stalagmites, hanging off my lips
I had aspirations of balling, ever since I was six
My record's like mosquito bites, every DJ wants to itch it
Every time people staring, and pow wow mix
They call a ambulance, to help em get they face on fix


When it come to riding chrome, we some veteran pros
Matter fact, I'm living larger than David Letterman's nose
Don't play stupid and act like, I never said it before
I'd rather chase a set of them vogues, instead of them hoes
Whoa Kimosabi, find me in a Denali
Or hopping out the Impali, if I'm sweating its probably
Not the damn sun, cause this heater strapped to my body
Whoa Kimosabi, think I'm bluffing then try me
Mirror mirror on the wall, I'm watching all them laws
So I can see who's plotting on me, when my twinkies crawl
They staring at us dog, that boy Lew Hawk is not
The type to let some drama pop, and then sit back and watch
N***as just sit back and watch, while we sit back and drop
Haters see more red dots, than a kid with chicken pots
If you want it its whatever, you haters need to go get a
Like we cheddar getters, for 2K1 and forever
Whoa Kemosabe, get you done bring corrected
When you see a color changing necklace, you better respect it
[Hook - 2x]