Yung Ro (STL)
Won’t Let You Down (Texas Remix)
[Intro: Chamillionaire + (Woman)]
Chamillionaire dot com
YouTube dot com slash ChamillionaireTV
Log on right now and look at me
Happy New Year's, it's two thousand and eight
Let's get this cake
Hahahaha... It's a movement! (Chamillitary mayn!)

[Chorus: K-Ci]
I'm up early in the mornin, thinkin bout gettin this money
Lord knows, I gotta get that paper
The hustlers told me that I gotta go and get it
Now I'm gettin it the best way I know how
I won't let you down, won't let you down [REPEAT 4X]
I won't let you down

[Verse 1: Chamillionaire + {Over Chorus} + (Ad-Libs)]

From the underground to majors, I'm a pro at gettin paper
So you know a Texas playa gotta shine (we gotta shine baby!)
We ain't worried about you fakers; we for sure gon keep it gangsta
Ridin four's and shakin haters all the time (that's all the time!)
R.I.P. to Big Moe, HAWK, Pat and DJ Screw
You know that we gon keep it trill and hold it down
(you know we gon continue to hold it down baby!)
Cause the hustle's never slowin, we gon grind and keep it goin
(gotta keep it goin for all the fallen soldiers!)
And you know we'll always keep you on our mind
We won't let you down (R.I.P. PIMP!)
[Verse 2: Bun B]
Sun down til the sun up, you know big Bun up
Tryna get his paper and his gun up, can't let these haters get one up
On me, or try to run up, gotta leave 'em done up and did up
You wanna get down, get up, I'll leave you hit up and split up
So pay attention, sit up, and keep your eyes on the target
That's Bun Beater the king, he be goin the hardest
Not only is he the trillest, but he's also the smartest
Gangsta slash rap artist and he won't let you down

[Verse 3: Lil' Flip + {Over Previous Verse}]
{AY! }
Let me tell you a lil somethin bout a G like me
I gotta a whole bunch of money and a whole bunch of weed
Rap ain't dead, the trap ain't dead
We still gettin bread in my hood with D-Red
Tell me what rapper, you know with a grip in the bank account with five in it
You losin fuck, I'm Scrooge McDuck, my money piles, I dive in it
Pimpin and mackin, I'm stackin my paper, you haters better fall back
Is the south whack? hell no, and rest in peace to Big Moe
The cheaper my work, my beeper alert, all day and all night
We ride gray, we sell white, we buy haze and pour up Sprite

[Verse 4: Rob G + {Over Previous Verse}]
{UH! YEAH! }
From writin these lyrics, flippin these pages
Hopin you hear it, sit in amazement
One of the realest, one of the greatest, ever to drop, rockin the stages
I dedicate this, to all the people who hated
Thought for a second that I wouldn't make it
You were mistaken, you gotta face it
Rep That Block, 'H' in ya faces
This for my town, promise that Rob will not let you down
Times is ugly, you love me then trust me, I must be the one who will bring back the crown
Just look around, a man from a swat who
Kept it real when the game said not to
Bring back rap, I think I'm bout to, don't worry you know I got you
[Verse 5: Famous + {Over Previous Verse} + (Ad-Libs)]
{I'm FAMOUS! }
It's L-I-L Ken, re-reppin 210
That's San Anton, "huh? ", well act like you knew then
They askin "who? when? ", n***a stop playin
I stick my dick in your mouth, and fuck what you sayin
And check my resume and see that I'm all the way live
That's right; I need the whole Pacific to swallow my pride
I put my city on my back, then put it on the (map)
It's Mr. Deuce Dime, I won't let you down

[Verse 6: Jayton]
Slow loud and bangin, we back in the loop
Fresh out the pen, now I'm back in the booth
Only thing I let down is the top on the coupe
Boys hatin on the H, but we still gettin loot
You do it for the fame; I do it for the block
For the ones in the grave, and the ones on lock
We next up lookin for the number one spot
Tell them other rap cats they can keep the hip-hop
Money don't stop, I'm a get it all day
New paint on the whip, insides all gray
Other boys left, but the south gon stay
Ain't no way you gon forget about Jay-
Ton, same ol' Hoover gangsta
Got up in the game, to expose the wankstas
A.B.N. gang keep a loaded chamber
Tell the whole world that they ass in danger
[Verse 7: Slim Thug + {Over Previous Verse}]
{HA! }
I'm on my block around the clock tryna get it
If it get you paid, I did it, got caught, got acquitted
Got out, and got back up on my grind again
Cause you gotta play the game if you tryna win
And hustle money ain't for sure, so I ain't tryin to spend
Cause the minute you come up, you're back down again
I promise I won't let you down momma
When it's the first of the month, I'll be around momma

[Verse 8: Lil' O + {Over Previous Verse}]
Everybody know that I spit the flow
That make a playa wanna fire up and hit the dro
Or pour up real big and shake before
And knock off a Lamborghini, and lift the doors
Right now they yellin out "game is sold! "
Killin that remix, getcha dough
Do it for the Fat Pat, Screw and Moe
B.G., Gator, HAWK and the Mafio
And everybody know I don't play no games
I am off the chain, I got awesome chains
I got awesome things, to get me awesome brain
When I pull up at the club, I be flossin mayn
Fat Rat With The Cheese, from the S.U.C
I don't gotta brag, I'm a triple O.G
All the H-Town proud of little ol' me
Give the Lil' O a rest, I could flip the whole key, WHOA!

[Verse 9: Yung Redd]
This rainy day, manage the workout plan
I'm countin so many hundreds; I need another pair of hands
Black Colleywood, where the fiends the only fans
Sell it out, Riesco, supply and demand
My elevator goin up, how could I ever let 'em down?
550 takin off, swear it just left the ground
What's the value of a dollar, if you couldn't pay your bills?
All we know is power, now tell me what life is, YUNG REDD!

[Chorus: K-Ci]
I'm up early in the mornin, thinkin bout gettin this money
Lord knows, I gotta get that paper
The hustlers told me that I gotta go and get it
Now I'm gettin it the best way I know how
I won't let you down, won't let you down [REPEAT 4X]
I won't let you down

[Verse 10: Big Pokey + {Over Chorus}]
AY! }
Po, Yo, real get gutty
Block 4-oh, 3 wheelin, n***as gunnin
Put your cleats on cause it's fin ta get muddy
It is what it is and we comin for the money
Y'all know me
I'm a n***a that'll be in your home, just like a n***a got a door key
Do it like Simpson, 'fore I let a n***a hold me
Shake a n***a pockets, 'fore I let a n***a owe me
One for the money, two for the hoe
Three for the 4's with the rubber band vogues
S.U.C., M.O.B., Hurricane Sensei fin ta knock down doors
City on my back like brand new clothes
Album on the way, underground in stores
I don't let n***as down, I shut n***as down
Crowd booed me, I'm next to blow

[Verse 11: Lil' Keke + {Over Previous Verse}]
{AY! }
Pound for pound, ups and downs, but I'm still real
Chasin paper, money runnin like a treadmill
I'm just a G, in the street game, we raise numbers
I never let you down, I never disappoint ya
I'm up extra early, posted like a war soldier
My hustle hard, like I cut it with some baking soda
Heart of a gangsta, to the grind mayn, I'm so committed
Lord knows if I see the paper, I'm a get it

[Verse 12: E.S.G. + {Over Previous Verse}]
{H-TOWN! }
When Cham sent me the track, he had Pimp C on the song
'Fore ESG could spit on this remix, we seen Pimp C was gone
'Nother king taken off the throne, told Bun B he's not alone
Might not be here in the flesh and bone
New address, yeah heaven is home
Make sure we carry that legacy on
Like M-O-E, in every song
Put they name in the trunk, then we gon pop and swang
In the 'llac or the Chevy on chrome
Like Vince Young, I run through songs
Slow it down like Screw did homes
ESG a million sold independent, I ain't talkin ringtones

[Verse 13: Troublesum]
Here come the Trouble, so move
Can't knock my hustle, gon lose
Got twice the muscle, paid dues
Twice a grind to prove
I make moves like my name was Tom Cruise
Mission Impossible, impossible to fool
Down south baby, I'll show you what it do
I never let you down H-Town, I'm comin through
In the cherry lollipop drop, Gucci flip-flop
Posted up on the block, and my hustle you can't knock, N***A!

[Verse 14: Z-Ro]
24/7, 365, tryna get rich is on our mind
Houston, Texas, we ain't nothin but some go getters
And some trendsetters, and we stayin on our grind
Remember when the world said down south rappers couldn't rap
Now the down south rappers all across the map
Represent my city, and I'm a wear it on my back
It's official, goddamn right, the south is back
Even though we ain't never really went nowhere, we always been here
We make good music, and we stack big money and we act bad, all goddamn year
Gotta give it to us, cause if not we gon take it
And never give it back, that's just how it's gon go
It's been in there for years: Houston, Texas
But ain't a damn thing change, you can still count on Z-Ro, HA!

[Verse 15: Trae]
If you're lookin for the south, you can tell 'em I'm home
On the block, you can tell 'em I ain't leavin til it's gone
Thinkin I ain't, you can tell 'em they wrong
When I pull up, blast house with the roof half gone
If it come to gettin paid, understand that I got 'em
Sit back, broke, I'm a show 'em that I'm not
Now in the hood, four times, tryna rock
Yea, I'm from the streets, no way you finna block them
Mouth full of rocks, yea, money well blown
Every time I talk now, money will show
But just because I rap, don't think I'm flak
I hop in all black, and still run up in your home
Trae the Truth, I got hustle and flow
I do it for the boys tryna hustle and score
Every hour, every day, til my body gets sore
One hundred percent that my hustle is swole

[Verse 16: PKT + {Over Previous Verse} + (Ad-Libs)]
{AY! }
I'm so destined to be the greatest true, symbol of what my state is of
Little bit of Chad Butler (PIMP!), mixed with a little bit of Robert Davis (SCREW!)
P-K-T rep for the H til the day that they lay me off in my coffin
I'm a continue the legacies of Big Mello and both of the Hawkins
I do it for love, you do it for dough
You do it for fame, I do it for Moe
Do it for the hood, Acres Homes 44
Family over everything, get it do it for the Foe (F-O-E!)
To hell with not lettin you down, I'm tellin ya now, I ain't lettin you go
For better or worse, until death do us part, I'm a rep for the H in the cold

[Verse 17: Willie D + (Chamillionaire)]
From day one I repped my city, New York, got booed out there
Best part was one year later, my group sold out Madison Square
It's hard but it's fair, you ride for me I ride for you, regardless fool
No matter what it is, with Willie D on your team it's gon be kinda hard to lose
Had a rapper come down, I hit him with a big, cause he was talkin trash
His bodyguard jumped off stage, (what did you do?) got dead in his ass (ha!)
Go tell that to all those skanks, that think we're all about candy paint
High cappin, catch around, H-Town, I won't let you down

[Verse 18: Grit Boys]
{AY! AY! }
Okay I'm G-boy fresh, way flyer than the next guy
Southside rider, if you with me throw your sets high
From Sunnyside to the Park, back to the Southwest side
But if you got a problem with it you can G-F-Y (GO FUCK YOURSELF!)
We the best and the rest is B-F-I
Been down with Paul & Cham since the Get Ya Mind Correct times
We all grinders, and this is go get it music
G-R-I-T Boys, we'll never let you down Houston

[Verse 19: Corey Mo + {Over Previous Verse}]
{YEAH! UH! }
Me and my hustle bag, on the block, on the clock
24/7, you better shit or get up off the pot
Mayn I'm from Hustle City, gots to keep my hustle with me
At all times, I got my mind on my grind pimpin
I never let ya down, let ya fall or let ya drown
Cause I'm a go for mines, rain or shine, every time
Corey Mo gon get his, so I hope you get yours
You gots to eat to live partner, we ain't got no choice

[Verse 20: Mike Jones + (Ad-Libs)]
H-Town, got it on my back
Chrome 84's on the Cadillac
I stack stacks and stack plaques (stack plaques, stack plaques)
Ice Age, we run the town
Ice Age, we shuttin 'em down
As long as I make it multiply (multiply, multiply)
My new album is on the way
When you say my name, you say I'm paid
H-Town, we here to stay (here to stay, here to stay) (MIKE JONES!)
A millionaire, can you match that?
Two time plaque, can you add to that?
Eleven cars, can you handle that? (handle that, handle that)

[Verse 21: GT + {Over Previous Verse}]
I got stock in my block, I'm a jock that rock and I ain't talkin MTV
My mp3's won't let you down, got it locked down like Timby Three's
7-1-3, 2-8-1, 8-3-2, that's what I claim
See my aim's, to shut down every MC that's caught up in this game
Mean as a rock, GT don't play, I scratch and mix and rap all day
H-TX comin soon, super tight, UGK
Classic material, gotta milk this game like cereal
I'm smooth like butter, but not Parkay, my reign is so imperial

[Chorus: K-Ci]
I'm up early in the mornin, thinkin bout gettin this money
Lord knows, I gotta get that paper
The hustlers told me that I gotta go and get it, get it
Now I'm gettin it the best way I know how
I won't let you down, won't let you down [REPEAT 4X]
I won't let you down

[Verse 22: Chingo Bling + {Over Chorus}]
I own my mansions, fuck a belly, sun shinin on my pinky
When it come to independent, who you think invented?
I'm a money makin problem, don't believe me, ask Asylum
Down to the border or Harlem, bitch, you can ask about him (AY!)
I drop the top in that Lex again (YEAH!)
It wouldn't be H-Town without Mexicans (UH-UH!)
And it ain't been the same since they put 'em in the ground (ain't been the same!)
To Screw, Moe, HAWK and Pat: we won't let you down

[Verse 23: Magno + {Over Previous Verse}]
Got an old school, tan wood, my grind's harder than a canned good
My fan base expands hoods, so don't question their fan hood
I smelled the money, knew the odor
I'm a rep H-Town I'm the newest soldier
Kid with the arch ooo he polar, hustle harder than Louie Scoller
Reppin the block, cause the block where I hang
CD get copped, cause it's hot and it bang
From the beat to the rock, kid, rocks his thang
Won't let you down like a top in the rain
Got fans that's Crip that'll bang that metal
Fans so Bloody that they claim vessel
Fans like dyin they change for the better can't let you down, never, ever

[Verse 24: Kiotti + {Over Previous Verse} + (K-Ci)]
{OH! YOU SEE... }
I won't let down my city, I can't let down my fans
Got my Money Morris on, from a boy to a man
Mayn, hard body 'iotti, do you know what I do
Wreck mics go hard, man I pity the fool, my city the fool
A whole lotta gorillas here like RAWR!, my cities a zoo
Southeast Beach, welcome to my town
Where the slab's like a crab when it's movin around
Lotta rappers used to be the movement, I'm movin' up and they movin down
Black girl in my lap, girl, in that 'llac girl, when I move around
I lied, made a promise to my town, (I won't let you down)

[Verse 25: Raw LT + (Ad-Libs)]
Let you down, never that
The top on the drop now that's a bet
Raw LT, raw like that
Countin my stacks in the back of the 'llac
The queen of my city, yes I is
It go both ways when I rock my hips
Collect more figgas, roll with gorillas
Can't let the track Breathe cause my name not Jigga
Roll with my fam, B-B-H, category six, gon evacuate
I rep for my hood, dubs all in ya face
And I would appreciate if you'd give me my space (yeah!)
Cause y'all ain't talkin bout nothin (naw!)
Y'all lame chicks steady bumpin (what?)
Raw LT, I hold the crown ain't no takin it from me

[Verse 26: Grit Boys + {Over Previous Verse} + (Ad-Libs)]
{GHEA! }
G-Boy general, salute me in ya presence (ghea!)
Ghetto gospel, gon call me the reverend (ghea!)
Words hit you in your head like Excedrin
Tone down your voice, you're talkin to a veteran
This for HAWK, we gon grind til the last lick
That bastard, flow classic
Game sick, and famous like Magic
Pocket full of bread, actin like I never had shit

[Verse 27: Paul Wall]
The streets is talkin and they tellin me to go get that cake
No time to waste, I can't wait, cause I got bread to break
These boys is fake, they bumpin they gums, sayin they payin dues
But they preoccupied up in the mall, buyin they gal shoes
I'm motivated by the diamond chains and ice grills
The Johnny Dang watch in the Cadillac on vogue with cradle wheels
I'm cash collectin, still trill, chasin the dollar bill
My appetite is never filled, for chasin after these meals, I GOTTA GET IT!

[Verse 28: Boss]
Lil' Boss, tryna get a plaque to the house
A.B.N. representin, I'm all about the cross
Every time I touch a microphone it's all about the south
I be wreckin the feature, that's why I'm always takin off
I be up in the mornin for the first worm
I make 'em get it straight like ya first perm
I'm a G in the streets, you better first learn
I'm paid, still spendin what I first earned
When it come to doin this, I'm doing it for the trap
In the bottom of the gutter, I'm reppin it for the map
Feed me the clip, I'm protected by the strap
It's real over here, give a damn about a rap
I won't let my state down and that's for sure
T-E-X-A-S we in the do'
Raw n***a hizzout, it's about to show
If it ain't gangsta, then it's got to go

[Verse 29: Grit Boys]
I keep a Glock in the glove box, where the title's at
I don't sleep, I don't eat G, if I don't mash
Writin raps, rockin shows, that's a minor task
The hardest part is acceptance, today could be my last
Grid Iron, Grit Boys, HAWK was my mentor
Focus on the future, sights sharper than a pitchfork
Down with Cham since the Color Changin Click days
Ghetto Reality, take a seat and witness history

[Verse 30: Yung Ro + (Chamillionaire)]
Yeah, I worked the nine-to-five, punchin the clock
Check-to-check, wearin a uniform, that didn't work out
So I left that alone, but then my stomach started rumblin
Ate oatmeal for days, what you know about it?, nothin!
Then that call came from Koop to come back to the streets (come back to the streets!)
Signed the deal, bought a house and a slab in the same week (hold up!)
Now I'm Swervin like Boosie when I'm ridin the streets
Smokin dro, climbin the ladder like ESG (keep goin mayn!)
Nice flows and shows, oh for sure, we grind
On that row, stackin this dough and autograph signin
And I gotta remind 'em, the name that's runnin the game
(Tell 'em the name they say is runnin' the game... Chamillitary mayn!)

[Verse 31: Chamillionaire]
Our time has come, and your time has passed
Get out the way while I grind for cash
Money in the bank, and the rest be stashed
When it's all done, I will not be last
Y'all know me, y'all gon' see
Ben Franklin is my homie
E-Y-E's is all on me
So Lay It Down, like 'Ball & G
Naw, I can't be commercial, show 'em how to bring it to the streets for all my dogs
Ridin dirty, flyin birdie, pop the trunk when I pass the laws
"Houston do we have a problem? ", obviously the answer's "naw"
Ball hoggers won't pass the ball, I'm a steal that rock, then pass to y'all

[Verse 32: Big Mike + {Over Previous Verse} + (K-Ci) + [Chamillionaire]]
{YEAH! }
The OG's back from the system, picture me lettin you down
Can't see that day ever happenin, not at all, no way and no how
I'm from the gutter, you from the gutter, we still gon make it
Still gon represent what the streets taught us, it's hard to shake it
Where we go, we take it, we chosen for holdin it down
Respect the hustle, we gettin it, yeah they knowin us now
Big Mike I'm one hunnid, for real, ain't no hoe type can see me
A born Gert Town hound, who (won't let you down) [KEEP GOIN! ]
Spit for my ghetto children, I'd die just to be their voice
No one else there to chant for them and I'd die just to be their choice
My focal point be this vocal joint that I lay as guidelines
My savior be my example, shinin after I die

[Verse 33: Scarface + {Over Previous Verse} + (Chamillionaire)]
{YEAH! }
Money my motive, my mission is to be holdin
At least two hundred million and more, cause if I'm closin
I want it to where it's set up, for the next generation of Jordan's
So that next generation of Jordan's, can have it easy
That's why I'm out here movin this work
Create a legacy, avoidin Kennedy's curse
My heart beats heavenly, I love you son for all that it's worth
And down to die if it came to the worst (talk to the streets 'Face!)
This for my n***as in struggle, just know I love you
Regardless to the pressure, I'm knowin you got to hustle
Cause nothin came to us easy, they planted us in tombstones
They quick to bury us n***as, that's how they do homes
My uncle told me, tell my n***as to read
Cause we in danger, got every city under a siege
A total stranger, could say you've sold a couple of keys
And got you locked and they won't let you leave

[Verse 34: Pimp C + {Sung}]
{You call in some cars, I be in jets
Google "Pimp C", I'm all over the internet
That paint over the 'llac is so glass
UGK for life, I need to teach a pimpin class}, UH!
Cause I'm, gettin my paper, reppin my house
Say what I want to out my mouth
Fifteen years, I'm what it's about
Atlanta the south, that's no doubt
Pimp a snitch, you'se a clown
Say my name, it's gon go down
Rent your car, you rent your house
Kiss that girl, I been in ya mouth, UH!