5th Ward Boyz
Bring It On
Bring it on

[Verse 1: 2-low]
Cover your dome, or feel a motherfucking Glock
The rugged child is in the house, I'm letting off shots
Biggity bang biggity bang, hit the motherfucking deck
I'm down on this track and I'm abouts to get wreck
I'm coming like a hustler, never coming buster
Blasting on you hoes screaming, "Die, motherfucker"
Never showing mercy, 'cause that shit is for the weak
I rhyme with my Glock and knock a n***a off his feet
A young n***a, shorts as I figure
Step up with that bullshit, I'm a greet you with this trigger
Blasting on you hoes and let you know how it feels
Bucking with the 5th ward will get your motherfucking dome peeled
Motherfucker bring it on

[Verse 2: Seagram]
It's the Seagster, the major leagster
Bitch deceiver, n***a life-reliever
Oakland hustler, never been a busta
Make way for the nine-trey, I'm coming motherfucka
Straight from the 6-9, the final line village
Doing more damage than a Exxon spillage
Uh, coward, and that's that
I'm known to pack a gat and put heads on flat
No rehabilitatin' my trigga'
Take a n***a out the ghetto
But you can't take the ghetto out the n***a
Ain't nothing changed since the 70s
I'm hellbound n***a, my life ain't never been heavenly
Never slippin' punk no, a n***a don't lag
Game tight replace a n***a's Nikes with a toe tag
His zoom, his ass, his zigga I'm the founder
Stacking up bodies like Jeffery Dahmer
Oh, here comes the flow, watch me as I tiptoe
To a n***a's window, with my M 6-0
Putting motherfuckers out their misery
And watching the murders reenacted on Unsolved Mysteries
Trick, coward lame pussy ass faggot
Six feet deep is where you sleep with the worms and the maggots
N***a's can't harm me, Rap-A-Lot army
Coming like Desert Storm, you've been warned
But if you still want some, n***a, bring it on
[Verse 3: Too Much Trouble]
Too Much Trouble done sewed up the tracks
Bitches not playing like they win or get smacked
By some young n***as that's down to break a bitch
The Nickel Nut and the Band-Aid Bandit
Yes the Nickel Nut pimping ten different sluts
You've encountered slavery, bitch, I don't give a fuck
That better turn some tricks, and suck a lotta dicks
And come with my money, or they get their ass kicked
Geto got hoes on the stroll making my bank roll
But when we tangle bitch, I run with foes
'Cause all about the pen, ain't talking about the pussy
I'm talkin' about the paper, so bitch, shake your moneymaker
It's the pimp-pimp pimpin', you're simp-simp, simpin'
Your bitch chose me now you're wimp-wimp, wimpin
N***a you was wrong when you reached for your chrome
A slug to your dome, bad news done beat you home
You think we was acting about making but you're wrong
We in a pizzimping and its on so bitches bring it on

Bring it on, uh
Bring it on, yeah
Bring it on, uh
Bring it on, yeah
Bring it on
[Verse 4: 5th Ward Boys]
Bring it on motherfucker, here I come with this damn thang
Boom boom boom, and I'm about to let freedom ring
5th Ward Boys coming hard for the nine trey
I'm down with them Geto Boys so make my motherfucking day
The 5th Ward Boys on the motherfucking set
Putting a slug off in your chest
'Cause you didn't wear the bulletproof vest
N***a, ratta-tat-tat to your temple
Shit is real simple, busting up domes like a pimple
Jump if you want, n***a, and I'm a have to hurt ya
Murder after murder after goddamn murder
Yo, I'm taking n***as to the promise land
With little Bushwick, Scarface, and the goddamn peterman
Lets rock, stupid fuck is fucking it up with Double O, life is stuck up
On the tenth floor, so what you wanna do, ho
Yeah, cause we're checking more motherfuckers, parking more motherfuckers
And killing more motherfuckers than any one of you motherfuckers
While your ho sleeping let's get it on
And get your fucking wig split, fool-ass n***a, now bring it on

[Verse : Odd Squad]
I can't see your ass bitch, so you'd better watch your bust or
Take that from a blind handicapped motherfucker
Smoking weed and steadily downing that Schlitz Malt Liquor
If you wanna step and get done, cause I'm that n***a
Well it's me that n***a D (Who?)
That fat square twister, the one who fucked your sister
I made her pussy blister, got a dick in the side of my pearl white Lac
Keep my weed in the front and my brew in the back
And my heat up under my seat ready to put the lead on ya
So punk motherfuckers try to test me if you wanna
'Cause we're smoking that weed, feeling fine
Got me a 40 and a fat-ass dime
Smoking that weed, feeling fine
Got me a 40 and a fat-ass dime
[Verse 5:Ganksta N-I-P]
A weed-smoking motherfucker, plus I kick doobies
I'm the one that told that n***a to go insane in that Luby's
Ganksta NIP is fucking your daughter, G
I wake up every morning screaming, "Somebody slaughter me"
Step in my path, your ass is void
'Cause I'm an aerodynamic, satanic, schizophrenic android
Your mind ain't deep enough, cars can't creep enough
Dead bodies complaining we too loud, they can't sleep enough
Attempted murder, I didn't mean to hurt her
I hadn't ate in two years, I just wanted a cheeseburger
A bulletproof vest won't protect your chest
A whole body is hard to digest
Once I flex, count the next
The hardest I won like recreation of Malcolm X
So bring it on, I'm ready to slaughter
Sitting in church, drinking a 40 of holy water

Bring it on, uh
Bring it on, yeah
Bring it on, uh
Bring it on, yeah
Bring it on
(DMG bring it on)

[Verse 6: DMG]
I've been a victim of society
They got me fucked in this whole shit
N***as running up with M-11's and some mo' shit
It seems to me they wanna start something
But I'm a let this motherfucking 9 break em off something
My homie panicked cause he never thought it'd come to that
Miggity Mike serving em soft from these n***as gats
I guess it's like guerilla warfare
Now grab your gat and load your clip and go for deaf until you make it there
And if you don't then grab your nuts, duke
Cause that's the only way these n***as living in the 9-deuce
More murder by killings and slayings, some shit
You fake on your tool and find your homie dead in a ditch
Now the fucking water's getting hot
Homie after homie after homie's getting shot
And n***as are overlookin' the joys of life
.357 with them hollow-point shells in the midnight
Check it—first I walk up on him like I know him
Then, I let my conversation start to ho him
Yo, I never debates the way I handle my business
'Cause n***as always be fucking shit up well it's time to handle they business
He's peeping out my missile as I stand straight
So now it's time to make his ass like a crushed grape
Come check a n***a gun for his get sound get click
Yo, you shoulda brought it on

[Verse 7: Mr. 3-2]
3-2 comin' at ya, comin' at ya
Don't make me pull my shit and have to cap ya
With my Glock, I make it go pop, it's a seventeen shot
So a n***a gon drop, a n***a gon drop
You heard me roll a fatty
Now I'm at the window of your cocksucking caddy
So what you wanna do? It's about that time
Pop, pop, pop goes the weasel in my nine
Uh, where your nuts at n***a? You'd better let 'em hang
Cause we can get it on, ho, it ain't no thang, uh
Mo' murder mo' motherfucking merrier
'Cause I be one of the roughest n***as from the Hiram Clarke area
So quit running your mouth, bitch, you know you can't fade this
Rap-A-Lot south shit
It's the 3-motherfucking-2
So bring on your motherfucking crew bitch, we can get it on

[Verse 8: Big Mello]
Strapped assassin, ghetto gladiator
Leaving a path of destruction like the motherfucking Terminator
Lurking the streets of Hiram Clarke, stalking like a predator
Seventeen shots to the chest made his clothes wetter than mine
'Cause the nine'll hit your ass every time
Got my motherfucking b-mo, going straight for the dome
Wig-splitting n***a with the finger on the trigger
Sinister, symptoms of a motherfucking killer
B-I-G to the motherfucking M-E
Double L-O's not a motherfucking ho
But a cutthroat, smiggity smoking n***as like dope
Now, bitch, don't choke, cause the dick's down your throat
Getting my blast on, n***a get your ass on
Riggy run your ass home cause I'm a bring it on, homes!

[Verse 9: Scarface]
It's the return of the motherfucking dreadlock
Putting fools in headlocks, giving n***as headshots
You don't wanna fuck with me, I ain't that motherfucka
I mean that average, run-of-the-mill ass n***a
You hoes better recognize this n***a that you up against
Mista mista Scarface ain't that n***a to be fucking with
So lay it down n***as, bump it down, or feel the pressure
'Cause I'm the type of n***a that's known for taking drastic measures
Quick to rip shit and leave a motherfucker twitching
So n***as make a run once my rifle starts spittin'
Round after round after motherfuckin round
So bitches lay it down, I shut em down, I shut em down
Screaming for vengeance I swear that I meant this descended
Surrender suspended cause, n***as, I meant it
Calm like an Islamic brother from the Nation
Still got the mind of a motherfuckin mental patient
I got the chrome to my own dome
But I'm a give you one before I take it home, motherfucka, so, uh

Bring it on, uh
Bring it on, yeah
Bring it on, uh
Bring it on, yeah
Bring it on, uh
Bring it on, yeah
Bring it on, uh
Bring it on