2 Skinnee J’s
Brew Ha Ha!
TGIF cause the stress ends soon, ha ha
Your friends on your couch. your discs rockin tunes, ha ha
As you stand with your band in a room that is strewn, ha ha
With Zues juice, fruit loops, and old Yoo-Hoo's, ha ha
Rounds of high fives and cries of "yea dude!", ha ha
Smokin cigarettes and sippin witches' brew, ha ha
It's kid tested, mom approved, ha ha
To make your jimmy swagger like the duke, ha ha
Dressed in your best threads for club lagoon, ha ha
They got teeny bikinis with the real pontoons, ha ha
You're out the door and down the avenue, ha ha
The shit's getting ill like repute

Enter the strobe light, exit harvest moon, ha ha
Greet throngs of paragons with your own platoon, ha ha
They bet you to step to the one that's cute, ha ha
As she stand with her man hope he's chicken like Perdue, ha ha
If belligerence were affluence you'd be tycoon, ha ha
Try to overthrow the prince and start the coup, ha ha
But he's grown nuts like cashew so he must be introduced, ha ha
To your best friend, your best man, and new right shoe, ha ha
Brutes execute like John Wilkes Booth, ha ha
Controlled by chokehold, low blows and broken tooth, ha ha
Fists bring the pain, rain like monsoon, ha ha
Split the scene before you get the boot, ha ha
You're the kind of guy who thinks that life is simply passin ya
That last gas is graspin ya, heard that last laugh get laughed at ya
Is it comin true, what your friends said in the last seats in back of ya
No they're wrong, like the way George Bush spoke sadaam at ya
Assess the damages, and cast off those tags the bullies branded ya
You're just disenchanted with Nasdaq like that cat back in Atlanta was
Yet you still have the will to deal with the deck that's been handed ya
You be the outcast who outlast those old fears that panicked ya
And now we have ya, on your way back from your first crack at Pamela
She'll become the better half of ya
Just hope the rest of the night pass without somebody slammin ya

Now your crews actin rude stupid talk being spewed
Go out half cocked with twice the attitude
Young fools actin sick wanna kick like kung-fu
Watched too much Bruce Lee, Jet Li, and John Woo
Limbo! How low will you stoop?
The sickness of fitfulness spreads like the flu
Run with the wolf pack attack the chicken coop
Flexin on the next kid who you run into
Laughing while you turn his ass black and blue
Pounce and bounce him into ICU
Hop a train or taxi and head home like pigeons do
Smile as you greet the morning dew