2 Skinnee J’s
Yeah! Yeah!
Come on, come on!
Come on, come on!
Come on, come on, yeah!

Yeah, yeah!
Come on, yeah!


[Verse 1: Special J & J. Guevara]
Come check us out—we're two stereo beanpoles
You say that you don't know, but your Pinocchio nose grows
We're wanton juxtaposeurs, any style that you like
And it goes right into the mix when we style on the mic
We're analytical, ain't that political
And yo we step up to the mic, subject to ridicule
We're meticulous, ain't that ridiculous
We're in all seven seas! We're Moby-Dickulous!

Oh-oh-oh! Seven One Eight! (Come on! Yeah! Yeah!)
Oh-oh-oh! Seven One Eight! (Come on! Yeah! Yeah!)
Oh-oh-oh! Seven One Eight! (Yeah! Yeah!)
We were living Two One Two, now living Seven One Eight
[Verse 2: J. Guevara]
Well it's the hot chocolate kid from the Five One Four
But now Brooklyn is the borough when I step out my door
We be All-City Champions from Boogie Down to Staten
Full throttle out the bottle, like the genie in Aladdin
Arrive, get live, and satisfy the curious
As I sing a song of sixpence, leave you all delirious
Hallucinogetic, my phonetics get frenetic when I said it
My hyperbole is hyper, my energy kinetic


[Verse 3: Special J]
I'm a creature of my surroundings
Or more likely, of the creatures that surround me
I lived with rats and roaches, swallowed whole like Jonas
I spent my rent, so I rode train coaches
Across the bridges to emigrate
From Two One Two to Seven One Eight
Whos-its? Whats-its? I does this cause I loves this
I run right through the hole, getting hard like Dick Butkus!