I dont sleep
Lyrics:- Verse 1
Look I don't sleep every night is just mess mess
Everyday am working hard life is restless
Can't face this bi*ch she be thinking she's actress
Dreaming about that fame while sleeping on mattress
Red head won't lemme talk to anyone
Even if they tryna help I'm like lemme burn
Loving this pain and finding it in every turn
Cuz it's the only thing that'll leave and will return
Always thought love was stupidity till
Cupid did it to me
Sometimes she hides from me knowing
Am addicted to see her shadow around me
I feel like am drowning
When I don't see her for seconds my neck intersects with the pillow that allows me to sleep
Without counting those sheeps
But it barely happens cuz this love ain't blind but it's deep
Happiness tried to ruin this but this love is always sticking by my side
So tell me how can I sleep


Verse 2
Look I don't sleep maybe cuz am afraid of nightmares
Not the scary one's but happy times
I was alive there
Just a single thought of em can make the
Whole night wear the suit of a
Night watchman man he died there
But the soul still roams in those places alone
They murdered every single Melody the bass is alone
The people he used to trust told him his face is unknown
Now dead is wearing headphones
Writing some crazy ass songs
Tell me if love wasn't there
Then why the hell would he care
For you people and keep believing everything that you say
A never ending debate
It wasn't random but hey
You kept on stabbing his back
Back to back and again
Man I don't know who he was
But he was looking for peace
His brain was so loud that
Sometimes his thoughts bleed
They never tell when they'll come
They never tell when they'll leave
If this sleep is cousin of death
Help me to sleep