Arch Nemesis
Do you remember me? I remember you
And all that you have done
Murderer, monster
How many hundreds of lives have you ended?
How many thousands have you made mourn the lost of their loved ones
Now it's your turn

Straight from the Rotten Apple, rock headbands and Afros
Swords are sharp, get ready to rap, yo
Life part reality, part-part two
On and swizzy, he illuminate the groove
He get less friends and more enemies
Style get hittin' me, bars about his pennies
He understand the art of war, gettin' this chick
What she bargain for, a killer who heart is pure
Young Samurai, let the gun go
The blood amplify, living by a landslide
Warrior who see death around the corner
I execute first, yeah, God upon us
Afro, always stick to the script
Fry the biggest fish who on the list
Well trained in the arts, he had
Many battles in parks, before the real action spark
Afro stamina, reap what you sow
Yeah, we the chosen, you can teach the glow
Just like LeRoy he The Last Dragon
See that boy, Afro's my decoy
Blow up, house or village on my journey
Sting before it burn me, fascinate before they learn me
My arch nemesis, a god that's man, eye of genesis
She know I got the best sword that senses, stay in the trenches
Art who kill you in inches
[Hook 2X: Ace]
The Afro hand shit sharp his sword, stay swinging
It's war, where angels, Gods & demons

Aiyo, Duel of the Iron Mic
It's 52 ways to get hit when my iron strike
Travel the land, shotgun into some thing
Aim straight for the top, spot the womb, get men
Cut her up, it's all game, hit 'em out the ballgame
Move to the left, never slow in the wrong lane
Architecht flow, disect your paradine
Guillotine sword, you fraud, you can't battle I
Aliby? My blade, in your blood
When it's war time, believe it's no love
Resurrect from the top of the set, blows up
Chop straight through to ya neck, ya show's up
Ninja, talk slick, money out his injure
Never bite the hand that feed ya or defend ya
It's MoeRoc, Samurai with a chrome Glock
Don't shock, through the diagram, and it don't stop

The mission eclip', Afro on his tip
Be all, see all, if he ready to tee off
I got to kill a man, as soon he off
The sword lead off is all our action
Bazooka watching, what's happening
Yeah, Samurai fire, a bulletproof attire
After every war, Afro elevate higher
It's war, is it in there?