Tone Lōc
Knockin’ Boots
[Intro: Tone Lōc]
Attention all ladies
The Candyman is on the prowl
And for those that wanna get busy
You gots to speak up now

[Verse 1: Candyman]
This rhyme, this time
Is one of a kind, blowin' yo mind
Like only the Candyman can
Like a heavyweight champion
Knockin' em out, another bout without a doubt
Once again you can scream and shout
When I rock the bells
Yell out my name
This is what you've been missin'
Listen to my heart beat while I'm whisperin'
I know you're sufferin'
So sweet a Candyman sweet nothings
Huggin' and tuggin' and rubbin'
Lovin' it all, havin' a ball
All y'all girlies next to me
Talkin' sex to me
We can't do that yet, but I bet we'll chill
(Candyman, tell 'em the truth)
We'll still end up knockin' the boots
Ooh boy, I love you so
Never ever ever gonna let you go
Once I get my hands on you

[Verse 2: Candyman]
At each and every show, there's this groupie
Artis knows what she wants to do to me
She knows my name, knows every rap routine
But how'd she get in my limousine?
Don't act fool, don't drool
I'm just a performer
I was cool but the room got warmer
Norma cornered me in
Her and a friend named Lynn, then
They checked me in to the Holiday Inn
I didn't let 'em win, said my pockets was thin
She blew me a kiss
I knew she wasn't new to this
I didn't want to, but the devil made me do it
To the tick-tock ya don't stop
We knock boots 'til 6 o'clock, as we lay
All night long
And early in the mornin', she sang this song

Ooh boy I love you so
Never ever ever gonna let you go
Once I get my hands on you
Ooh boy I love you so
Never ever ever gonna let you go
I hope you feel the same way too
(Girl I do)
[Verse 3: Candyman]
Tunnel of love is what I'm enterin'
When I mention it, you're surrenderin'
Givin' it up like a good girl has to
Livin' it up
Eventually you ask to stay
You're gonna pay for this
Just rest your breast on my chest, yes I'm impressed
With the way you cold love me down
I don't wanna sit down, I just wanna get down
I'm on the ground, down on my knees
Like James Brown singing "Please, please"
Round two, I'm down to
Do, what it takes to make you
Understand I'm the Candyman
And I melt in your mouth, not in your hands
Hard as rock, yes I'm no sucka
The boots I knock make me one bad mother—

[Verse 4: Candyman]
Knockin', while I'm a hip-hoppin'
Many people say my lyrics are shocking
Just because of the simple subject
Everyone should love this
'Cause everybody does it
Whether they admit it or if they deny it
You better keep quiet
Or else you might have to see a few skeletons
But girl, that's irrelevant
Break out the bottle of Asti Spumante
Pop off the top and rock with my posse
Fila Al, Big Dill, and D Fly
We ask the questions, you give the reply
MC Chip, Big Rob and Bud
Rockin' on the waterbed, knockin' on the rugs
I'm just playin', what I'm sayin' ain't ill
Girl you should know I'm real
(Unh, unh)