Tone Lōc
Cali’s All That
[Intro: Def Jef]
Hey man
How many times I gotta tell you?
I’m a businessman
I’m making moves
I’m making moves constantly, man
So you know what you gotta do?
Yo, you gotta talk to me quick
While we do that shit, y’all

Alright, check it out
We goin' drop it something like this
And tell you why we think Cali is all that

[Verse 1: Def Jef]
Cali’s all that, that’s why I’m camping out here
It’s crazy cool, so I’m lamping out here
For right now because the money is good
Plus, I get to kick it with the boys in the hood
Hollywood reminds me of 42nd Street
But the cops out here don’t walk the beat
I got to get in my car when I want to jet out
And drive kind of far cause everything’s so spread out
But I don’t really mind, I just put my top down, boom my system
And play my hip-hop sound
Big cars and movie stars don’t impress me with their wealth
Because I’m living kind of large myself
I’m getting paper
What I mean is I’m getting paid
Cooling in Cali under a palm tree shade
It ain’t where you from, it’s where you at
But you gotta come to Cali ‘cause it’s all that
California knows how to party
California knows how to party

[Verse 2: Def Jef]
Yo, I’m telling you- you-
You’re gonna let me tell your boss
He can take his job and shove it
Go home, pack your bags, but leave your umbrella
Remember, it never rains in southern California
Every day it’s sunny and bright but it’s chilly at night
So take your sweater and you’ll be alright
You never know who you might run into
Every day something new is nothing but something to do
So me and the crew roll to Roscoe’s to eat
Then we roll down to Venice Beach
We each got blunts so it’s all good to go
Hooty bang in a flow and you know
At the beach, we don’t lay in the sand and get a tan
We walk the strip
And see the honey dips
And itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini
Believe me when I say Cali's all that

California knows how to party
California knows how to party
California knows how to party
California knows how to party

[Verse 3: Tone Lōc]
Love’s in the house
California style
I was praised and raised on the set side, not the best side
But the funky funky ass Westside
You and your crew, whatcha gonna do?
Jump in the pool, watch your eyes, it might be full of brew
And everything is smooth and kicking
And don’t worry about the women ‘cause they love attention
I must admit, it’s filled with cliques
But the brothers on top don’t deal with the bullshit
They get to the party, have a sip of Bacardi
Be hearty and act like it’s Mardi Gras
I saw you looking at what I was doing
I got a rump and you know I ain’t barbequing
Here’s a chance to unwind in the sunshine
Every day a splash of Tanqueray
I’ve been all over the world
And I love to come back
Because Cali’s all that

California knows how to party
(Yeah, you know)
(You know what I’m saying)
(Word up)
(Love’s in the house)
California knows how to party
(Chilling with Def Jef)
(You know it)
California knows how to party
(California style right here)
(Wassup player)
(You know the deal)
California knows how to party
(Checking them skeez, huh?)
[Verse 4: Def Jef]
Some people come to Cali to make it
Some people are phonies so they front and fake it
Some people make it to the top
So don’t diss nobody
You see the same faces on the way down when you drop
Pop the cork on the Moët and just flow it
The poet with soul and let’s roll
To Hollywood Hills for another pool party
And you know that means, crazy food and crazy hotties
Not to mention the chronic sticky green
An LA-type scene
I used to think that Cali was all suckers and Jheri curls
But they got some down brothers and fly girls
So when you’re ready to make that move
Give me a ring, get the next flight
And Friday night, we can swing it
And you can see for yourself where it’s at
Come to Cali ‘cause it’s all that

California knows how to party
(Ha, yeah)
California knows how to party
(And you don’t, and you can’t, and you won’t stop)
California knows how to party
California knows how to party

[Outro: Def Jef]
Yo, you gotta come out here and check it out
Money, it’s all that
Man, you know what I’m saying
The sun, the fun, the palm trees
You know what I’m saying?
I be rolling down Sunset Boulevard puffing a mac
Well now, you really can’t puff on the street
If you puff, you gotta be on the freeway
You know? ‘Cause 5-0 don’t even play that
They catch you and they give you an Ultramagnetic MCs
Critical Beatdown, word up
But you gotta come out here ‘cause Cali’s fly man, word up
See ya