Tone Lōc
Hit the Coast
* pre-censored before released

[Tone Loc]
And it is another hot day in Southern California
As we break it down to you live, as the sand band comes to ya
From the hot one
The K-Sun
Where we got it going on all day and night
Looks like another hot one out there
Highs reaching 102, lows reaching 69
Women, put on those bikinis, and
Please, take off those speedos
As we break off into another one by the wild man himself
Mr. L-O-C
On station
K, S-U-N
{*song starts*}
I dig

(Verse 1)
I bump the drums, the bass, the flute, the harmonica
All the way from Malibu to Santa Monica
Up to Long Beach
Back to Huntington
Take out my scope, so I can the honies run
Cause when I see one
I gotta have one
I won't nab one, reach out and grab one
I get 'em, close, and then I
Scan it
From the Pacific, all the way to the At-
Put my locs on, top back, profilin'
From Florida to Long Island
And every place in between cause I'm a
And like Michael Jackson, more than a
I'm shinin' bright like a sun where the sea blocks
And runnin' thangs like a fresh pair of Reebox
When me and the homies
Get together for a roast
Yeah, we hit straight for the coast
[Tone Loc]
I dig
I dig
I dig

(Verse 2)
School's out
No one thinking about the lesson
No more homework, ain't worried about your profession
You just wanna chill in the sun
Relax with a honey and have fun, fun, fun
I know a lot of y'all know exactly what I'm speakin'
Working hard all week long, just for the weekend
The boss is down your neck, no respect
The only reason I can stay
Is for the paycheck
And so, what the hay, cause it pays
But hell
Everybody needs a little raise
The harder you work, the less you get
The more you hold it in
The more you wanna talk [{*shit*}]
You just relax before somebody gets
And find yourself gone out of work
You get strong
Think it matter your post
But if you need to relax, hey
Hit the coast
[Tone Loc]
I dig
Yeah, heh he
I dig
I dig
I dig

(Verse 3)
[Tone] Man, there's honies goin' up and down the coastline
My favorite spot is the Venice Shortline
Muscle Beach
Cause that's where they all chill
Hit the beaches
Or just go and stand still
One way or another
They're coming my way
Either on they bikes, on they feet, or they rollin' skates
I chill cause they know that I'm ready for 'em
And like Aretha Franklin, I'm a Rock Steady for 'em
And have plenty R-E-S-P-E-C-T
So that
L-O-C can get some L-O-V-E
From a honey tip with a money grip
Cause I ain't down for no funny [{*shit*}]
[Notch] Yo Loc
You startin' to trip in here
[Tone] Yo man
You know how I feel by the tan
So when you really need that rough that you don't roast
You know what to do, homie
Hit the coast
[Tone Loc]
I dig
I dig
I dig
I dig
I dig
I dig (I dig...)