Tone Lōc
[Intro: Boosie Badazz]

Empire, help me stack up my riches
Empire, protect me thru the treches
Listen, think big and we can all make it
Protect the boss, cause if I leave right now we all naked
Empire, our talent right now is proven
Empire, can't be on that Batron Rouge shit

[Verse 1: Boose Badazz]

We ball exclusive, bags of gold shit, me and my dawg Juicy
Whole lable lethal, real people love our music
Empire, get off your ass if you wanna see a bag
I'm on my dick, kick rocks if you can't bring a bag
Bid farwell to prison, now it's business and wealth
Eatings my vision, money is health
Bigger than ever, rich forever, I got real estate
Business move, finess'n dudes, track life, poker face
I'm the one man show, we straight, we jet ride
I'd like to welcome the whole world to my fuckin' empire

[Verse 2: Lee Banks]

Let's get it
No more hell, no more jail
No more catching sales
No more bags on the pistol just to catch the shells
Told my mama no more stressing when we check the mail
I got us, put that on me, just pray I never fail
I told em' bout them n***as, they won't listen
Now they looking at the pictures on the Insta
Tryna figure how we living
Came from a shack with them cracks in the ceiling
Taking losses everything 3 months n***a, now I'm winning
Crowd on the beach, chain swing and they listen
No more rainy days over here, everyday Christmas
Ballin' like them boys up on 95 n***a
If Badazz Jordan, then I gotta be Pippen (Pussy)
[Verse 3: Juicy Badazz]

Empire, bitch I'm Nicki of the clique
Dropping hit after hit, all these n***as wanna hit
Im focused on the bag, too legit to quit
Go and get some money n***a, get up off your dick
Empire, who ya love Sissa Maya
Hot girl, wipe me down cause I got that fire AK
A hundred rounds if you wanna try and make that
It's goin' down, fuck with this empire

[Verse 4: Quick]

Empire, when I spit it, I set the booth on fire
Can't deny, cause I'm comin' with it a million miles
I keep the fire, I set it off
Applyin pressure, no letting off
That ENT, we taking off
Thanks to the boss, we run the south
Everything's real shit comin' out my mouth
We speak the truth, it never fail
We stacking mail, saying fuck jail
If you ain't built like us, then tuck your tail
We all dawgs, we don't buck at all
When it's time to kill, we bite shit
Mike Tyson, nothin' icy
I know you heard bout them indictments, bitch
[Verse 5: OG Dre]

We them n***as that make lips quiver
Fixin' to shake the game, better grip something
Imma be off the leash in a room full of actors
I'll emcee box a n***a quick
Think that I'm gonna make her rich
She get nothing but conversation and dick
She gotta split in a minute
I gotta get back to the studio making these hits
N***a, I am It boy, in a clown mask
Ready for whatever with my empire
These days, I see more back, I see more back
But the K's are coming
I'm a boss n***a, but I might send ya four
N***a, posted up with my hands folded
N***a, run up on me and see the crossroads
You are not a thug, turn you dust and bones