[King BB]
Uh, now, we sip and smoke it by the ounce
Got these young ass hoes, so I'm telling all these cougars pounce
These girls just circle round me like a round-a-bout
My flow is going crazy bout to break a fucking spout
I might be sipping on that lean
I smoke the longest yard so you can call me mean machine
Rip tracks like Ripley's, so believe what you've seen
Got your girl saying "King BB can I be your queen?"
Might fuck around and smoke another zip
Break that shit up, throw it in the swish
Roll up the B, then I grab my fucking bic
Or maybe i should not
But please don't fuck with the clique
Cause fuck around and get dropped
Yeah I'm rich as fuck, four stacks all up in my denim
Sipping poison, so you know I'm always spit tin venom
These hoes wanna hop on the d, then I'll surely let em
I treat 'em like I did the rest, fuck 'em and then I forget 'em

[The Zulu]
Hello it is Zulu, no need to introduce you
I'm planning for the future, but these emcees still rock Fubu
Always in your ear, they be thinking they a bluetooth
Nothing they do shocks me, Geodude I choose you
Never scared, that's why I am killer on the mic
And I'm not gothic, but I'm a piller by design
I'm a thriller with the rhymes, no vanilla, cold as ice
I'm rapping ignorant and bumping Dilla afterwise
I do my thing when the beat fucking drops
You don't understand, we're rich,you're not
Yeah yeah, we're rich as fuck
You know that the crew always love to get buck
And we get the girlies to give a little cock suck
You know why, right, cause we're rich as motherfuck
Uh, uh, rich as fuck