Music To Driveby
Walked out
Gun shots pop off
Broad day
4 years
Haven't seen life yet

Book, flat
Those strapped
Bust back
"It's one of us
And I ain't going out
Like that"

Killing me
Is just killing you too
Or did we even matter to you
What will you do
When we're free to be
And there's no one left to see?

Now I know we have great respect
For the sister
And mother, it's even better yet
But there's the joker in the street
Loving one brother and killing the other
When the time comes and we are really free
There'll be no brothers left, you see
We people who are darker than blue
Don't let us hang around this town
And let what others say come true
We're just good for nothing, they all figure
A boyish, grown-up, shiftless jigger