J.R. Writer
Honey Dip
[Hook: Latiff]
When I'm dippin on the grind I get my money quick
But sometimes I wanna lay up wit my honey dip
She be wit me cause she ain't like all them other chicks
Let you hit, then she split, that's why I got a honey dip
From the club to the telly you know how it is
Most of the chicks I never tell em where a n***a live
Tryna reach me at my mansion or my mother crib
Hit my cell, hit my two, now I'm at my honey dips

[Verse 1: Jim Jones]
Yo we talked about 8, said I was comin thru to hit
Now its wee hours in the mornin and I'm drunker than a b*t*h
Stumblin and sh*t, I jumped up in the whip
Flipped open the horn like where's my honey dip
And b*t*h f**k ya man tonite, you know my steelo
Sizzurp wit the Cristal, the corners playin cee-lo
You see me well you jus smile you know we on the le-low
I'm whippin thru the town like we ballin up a kilo
Huh, I'm tryna dip up in the tele
Dip up in the room, then dip up in her belly
Dip off on Pirelli's, Dip-Set's Fonzarelli
My white t-shirt, lookin dip up in my Pelle
Smokin weed up in the Range
Full speed left lane
Its me against the world, M.O.B. up in my vein
Wit another n***a girl, gettin low to give me brain
If the b*t*h about the cause you ain't gotta spit no game

[Verse 2: Jr Writer]
You know I'm lookin for a honey dip
But I'm no dummy, most these bunnies
Are money hungry and lookin for a money clip
So after the brother hit
I'll tell a honey dip
She won't see a contact, address nor buddy list
I ain't on some hubby sh*t
That lovey dovey sh*t its nuttin trick I'm sumtin slick you couldn't get
Enough of it
How a slugger jus slide up thru the check in
Wit that linin on the Wesson
Hundred diamonds on my neck and wrist sh*t
I'm rich b*t*h, rhymings my profession
Watch how I do this stupid grindin and perfectin
Who's flyer when I step in got em spyin every second, cause that 06
Charger remind em of a 7
Yes man I'm so fresh the pro mess wit bread honey
My jeans 800, these are called Red Munkey
The flossin is gone, come talk to a Don fly enough to belong on a
Catwalk in Mulan.....holla

[Verse 3: Juelz Santana]
I got me a lovely chick, I got me a sl*tty chick, I got em all, but my
Favorite one is my honey dip
She get drunk wit me, roll the piff up wit me
Throw singles at other hoes in the strip club wit me
She do anything for jus one quicky
She a nympho chick
For this slow d**k
She give no lip, she jus go get
The paper I ask her for, my b*t*h so quick
Plus she know every Santana song and she don't mind puttin the damn bandana on
Slap her a** tell her dance in this thong
She do it all for daddy
She move it all for daddy...Aye Aye
She get a brick and she boof it all for daddy
Hit the road shake the State Troopers off for daddy
And she bring all that paper back
No short paper back, she sure don't play wit that