J.R. Writer
[Verse 1 - J.R. Writer]
I'm the greatest of all time
N***a, ask around -- I've been great for a long time
On grind, I be amazing, I'm off mines
You ain't gotta pa** the crown, I'm taking what's all mines
Who don't shine? My wrist***ch make the chicks hot
A lil' head in the car -- that's a whip-wop
Then tell her kick rocks, thinking she gon' get guap
Ain't got enough for the train, I tell the b*t*h, hop
This is real hip-hop, what the kid drop
You couldn't slow the dog down at a pit stop
I play like 'Melo, but I keep a big shot
Shoot you while you pushing your work -- that's a sling shot
I'm already king, I've chin-checked the ring
You waiting on the right pitch, you don't never swing
Mask, black gloves, all-black everything
Black Mag, black snub, floormat, everything
You'll respect me then, would you, shouldn't you
I'm sick of you n***as talking on what you wouldn't do
I mean, look at you -- I make it hard to look at you
Come through and shake the whole block down -- I'm shook of who?
I'm live-er than that, hotter than that
I leave the whole strip red, no Prada to match
I body a track, bottle the crack
These n***as act like I woke up and forgot how to rap
I'm back
[Verse 2 - Ca**idy]
Hi haters; I keep getting high, haters
I'm grown, no chaser, I'm high as a skyscraper
Homes, you at home with your mom -- I own acres
I own so much land, man, I'm my own neighbor
You a beggar; you need a loan, a favor
I get cash, you just mad, you got the vapors
A lot of n***as wish they was Cas, but can't be me
My diamonds probably make you go blind, you can't see me
Cause my diamonds shining like the finger on E.T
You on a bus, I'm in a truck with three TV's
I dropped three CD's, but I'm just getting started
My new album coming out -- it's 'bout to get retarded
Sh*t! Pardon my French, motherf**ker
But I'm hustling, got it jumping like Vince, motherf**ker
Yeah, the boy in the zone
About to show his a** like the artist formerly known as Prince, motherf**ker
And I'm about to convince motherf**kers
That I got more bars than AT&T and them Sprint motherf**kers
Go ahead with that nonsense, motherf**ker
Cause you said you make it rain but can't even make it rinse, motherf**ker
You never fought a homicide or attempts, motherf**ker
You jokes could get smoked like incense, motherf**ker
Gee I'm hung, but I ain't get lynched, motherf**ker
That's why I walk with a limp, motherf**ker
I'm a pimp, motherf**ker