Get A New Jacket
[Verse 1]
Oh, look, here I am again
Sophie Aspin looks about 10
Collabin' with Little T, now that's mad
You're a dirty bitch, you'll do out for a shag
Can assure you Mil' B's not dead
Watch this fate, cos i'm one step ahead
One step ahead of this bitch, Sophie
Can't send back without your homies
Still haven't replied to Clarko
Yet you're chilling with him in your video (video)
Pipe down now babe, Mil B's here so I'm sending back to you
With no fear, face it hon', can't murk me, I've got lots more to give
Watch and see, watch and see

[Verse 2]
You think you're top of your crew
Little T I don't wanna be you
Go get your nappy changed, look about 2
Sending for me cos you're out the limelight
M to the B is coming in with a fight
Everything I say about you know it's right
Here's my bars, you can't hack it
Go get to Steeles and get a new jacket
Sophie Aspin hasn't got me gaspin'
When you see my reply, it'll have you collapsin'
Let me tell you Sophie, your bars are outdating
My dad got buried, he didn't get cremated
Come back when you know the truth about me
We know the truth about you
You're not the queen so step in the queue
I'm at the front of the line
I've already took your crown, it's mine, it's mine
And I'm keeping it, you're not having it, I'm on my own
Sending for you cos you're with your crew
You don't have a clue, have a clue what to say
You're a sket, you're a slag
I'll stamp on your head that's all you can say
That's all you can say to me
But you weren't saying that you were mailing me, slurping me
Saying you rate me, face it babe I replaced you
Now go back to the zoo
Go back to the zoo where you belong
Saying I shagged Dyl B nah you're wrong
Smoke in the zoo like chong chong chong
You wanna smoke me cos you wanna be me
Thinking you murked me with Little T
Sophie's mad cos she looks transgender
Looking like Sonia from Eastenders
Calling me a slag it just goes to show
In your vids, you cover your pointy nose
They chant my name like M to the B
Wanna see me not you, Sophie
Chat shit in your vids got lads telling me
That you got skids I've won this battle now face it kid
Funny how you need a backup plan
Go and wash your hair it looks like a chip pan
M to the M to the M to the B
M to the M to the M to the B
Soph, I just murked you big
If you wanna send back yeah that's fine
But just, remember that crown, it's mine
That crown it's mine, soon you'll realise
That crown it's mine, and I'm the queen of grime