Gå Loss!
[Verse 1: Lazee]
Whenever, However you see I get it done
Never thinking for second because I'm number one
Blow a ton Jack D sippah, (what gone do?)
With Kartellen in the club, we're supossed to
Let ya know how big boys roll
You came with your girl but now leaving with a (dough?)
See I shine (sho wata?) from the dancefloor
Busting rhyme on that bitch told him give me some more
Get's wining all da shots? (poppin' off, poppin' off)
If your girl hit high (poppin' off, poppin' off)
See me with the squad (poppin' off, poppin' off)
And you know we pop off (poppin' off, poppin' off)

[Vers 2: Kakka]
Ni vill kasta skumpa
Skaka rumpa
Fest bland kungar
Grabbar tunga, grabbar bundna
Älskar festa, släppa loss
Haffa inte en, haffa dos eller flera
Quanta na mera, accelerera
Smidig som baghera
Bra på att planera
Vill bara mera
Ge dom mera
Glittret får dom reagera
Bunten i fickan får guzzar att flippa
Tittar mig omkring får blickar
Basen kickar
Wannabee-gangster dricker sockerdricka
En riktig G fyller i glaset med Hennesey
Släpper loss lite pulver och energi
Two-stripes Kartellen det är vi
Vi kör tills vi dör, ja kom igen!
Har ni hört om oss? Släpp loss
Kartellen i klubben, vi går loss
Har ni hört om oss? släpp loss
Two-stripes Kartellen, gå loss

[Vers 3: Sebbe Staxx]
Dansa mammi (sho sho)
Sväng era arslen mammi, (sho sho) Kaka
MG people (no homo), drama
Kartellen i huset mannen, kan du fatta?
Flaskorna öppnas, kassan tills ni tröttnar
Här ser ni gangsters och bouncande götar
Kompis el Cartell
Kompis fest ikväll (yo)
Jag lägger upp den för snubben på klubben
Som har gubben i fickan, och blickar till guzzen
Låter mina X får full effekt
Och fiskar efter sex med en krydda respekt
Flyter som på 70-talet, helt galet
Kinesen-style kompis, köper hela baren
Ingen står still, gör vad vi vill
Floos i fickan, beställ in en till
För dom som står där borta ser ut att bara softa (beställ in en till)
Guzzarna i baren skaka rumpa till basen, låt snubbarna betala (beställ in en till)
Har ni hört om oss? Släpp loss
Kartellen i klubben, vi går loss
Har ni hört om oss? släpp loss
Two-stripes Kartellen, gå loss

[Vers 4: Adam Tensta]
Ya'll allready know what it looks like
This ain't the first time they mistake me for that crook type
Maybe it's the emblems on the back or the poppers in the front
All I know that it is drama, now we livin' the hood life
For every middleclass, upperclass citizen
That we got them on needles they way all listenin'
And they wanna know about my ghetto story
So they pour me one drink not thinkin' that is me
What it look like?

[Verse 5: J-Son]
We're in the club baby, gotta show show love
You've never really partied till you party with a thug
???? from the bottles and the drugs
VIP-Kartell telling me whats up!
Same blood boy you better watch yourself
Ain't no body in the world gonna watch your health
Im in the club with my b-boy stance
And I brush off my tee, cos a thug dont dance
[Verse 6: Glaciuz]
Ain't no party like a same blood party
Cuz a same blood party dont Stop
N even if the cops come through, tryna shut down the party
We gon bring that party to tha block
Who them boys?, it ain't hard to telll
.... .. stink, n freaks luv that smell
Cuz if we get kicked n everything else fails
We gon pop off with the Cartell

[Verse 7: Eboi]
Yeah I saw when we ???
??? i the club screaming why the fuck I hate her?
Im about to make the situation X-rated
Walk to a girl, dance now n sex later
Me and fresh blood is ????
See a Captian Morgan (?) over there
Yuh I just love my shit
The girls be on point ?????

[Verse 8: Mofo]
Yeah we do ??? to kilo
You hear us from ??? to ???
Im a cross between Dany de Vito
And a young hot tempered Al Pacino
Come on boy you know how we get down
Have you looking like you dated Chris Brown
Louis Vuitton ?????
We leave you with your mother, suckin' on your thumb

Kartellen, yeah