Naughty By Nature
Knock ’Em Out Da Box
[Verse 1: Treach]
We [?] this and fought that and all that good shit
And if you wanna throw you better pitch for the Mets, bitch
I'ma flow with the skirt, I get [?]
As far as sinking with the ship, I'm with the captain that jumps first
I ain't the [?]
And near motherfucker gonna drown and save me
I go out full blown and you can't sue me
See, that's why a broke compass couldn't lose me
I'm fuckin' and suckin' and duckin' your girl like nothin'
Butterin' her muffin, she's where I do most my nuttin'
You take my spot, I ain't got no spot
Save the spots for polka dots
I'm knockin' asses out the fuckin' box

Knock him out the box, knock him out
Knock him out the box, knock him out
Knock him out the box, knock him out
Knock him out the box, knock him out

[Verse 2: Diesel of Rottin Razkals]
Get your weight up, or n***a get your fade up
Open your eyes, wake up
This n***a's throwin' straight up
[?] punches and shit, in the mix, we got our bag of tricks
Takes some licks while you're ridin' our dicks
Fuck your family, they sweeter than candy
Sometimes I'm outta hand, see some n***as can't stand me
But fuck 'em all, I stand tall if they wanna brawl
Won't stop [?] and kickin' until I make your uncle fall
Bring on ya whipper-snappers
With a rotten bunch of rappers
Leave you hanging from the rafters
I ain't shit and never was shit
So if you had all your wits motherfucker you'd stop poppin' it
'Cause I ain't one for the tit tat
The Razkals ain't with that
Get back, keep a MAC in my backpack
[Verse 3: Fam of Rottin Razkals]
A penny for my thoughts
A million dollars ain't enough
I've been to hell and back
Kicked out 'cause I'm too rough
A billy club swinger, body bruisin' master
Evil little bastard, my goal is disaster
Been through war and battle
Beatin' n***as with paddles
Sorted chumps like cattle
I get more ass than a saddle
Gimme a break, n***a, I'm breakin' reps
So swallow up your pride and try to follow in my footsteps
Those who wanna flex off the hooligans
You better slow down and listen up to the Nubians
I rip necks and my swingers flowin'
I'm like the Energizer bunny, still goin'
Tracks and battle raps
Bitches get pimp slapped
Catch the contact, my dressing room we smoke stack
Eyes of violence, n***as stand in silence
Some fear my talents, I'm a lyrical challenge, yo!
[?] music by the blocks and blocks
But the Rottin Razkals here
Knock 'em out da box