300 Thousand
Yeah, yeah

[Verse: Night Lovell]
Cash lay beside me, trees all around me
Got this white bitch like Versace, hot as fuck off that Wasabi
Shawty wanna call me, call me say I'm Papi
Meet you in that fucking lobby, come with bags and bags of Tommy
Climb in the back of my motherfucking Jeep
Take you places, take you straight into the jungle, fuck the scene
Never sleep, never keep, keep that shit, that's fucking cheap
When I see that I know damn well that you playing from beneath
That's fake shit, break, back, lay, black, k
'Bout 300 thousand things from you that I won't ever take
'Bout 300 thousand things that you won't ever fucking make
Walk on back to see that you ain't never shit for goodness sake
Black match, navy blue bulletproof glass
Ya'll n***as dumb as fuck, can't you see it's over looked
I'ma wait till the mothafuckin' summer
Got your bitch and shit so here's her mothafuckin' number
Stupid n***a lies to me
Told you not to turn your mothafuckin' back to me
Don't talk back to me
Who are you to say that I ain't fucking with this money
Bitch I do this shit alone, call me the black Mahatma Gandhi
[Hook: Night Lovell]
300 thousand
300 thousand
300 thousand
300 thousand
300 thousand
300 thousand
300 thousand
300 thousand