Rise and Shine
[Intro: Xia Dawn & Ra DuKe]
Change gears… slow down
Baby tell me what is the rush now
You still got plenty of time
You still got plenty of time so…
Rise... and….. Shine

[Hook: FL Lotto]
You gotta wake up and
Grind a little harder than you did the day before
And, you never ought ta settle for less, you should go and get more, more, more
Cause the hustle ain't ever gon stop
The hustle ain't ever got quit
Imma have my cake and eat it with a cherry on top
Everyday I wake up I…

[Verse 1]
Light my spliff, give my thanks, count my blessings
I'm way, way up
See that's just a testament to all the things I've been given
The talents were hidden
The good looks that came from the confidence I gave myself
Now I'll run through that white hoe’s whole family like wealth
See you're only as fly as you feel...
And my skin is made out of bird feathers
You see my home is the home of preferred weather
305 live, she been all on my 3rd letter
If the word is peDicure, I am pretty sure
I just defeated you with that last line
Impeccable timing and rhyming, you can switch the beat up and a n***a would be just fine like…
[Verse 2]
My city built off of that white girl like Mary Kate and Ashley's house
Now watch me spit until a n***a has an ashy mouth
You tryna' hash it out? That's pretty rash
My n***as will take ya rations out and turn em into cash
I'm a hustla' like Cas
Or J-A-Y dash Z
You need that work? Well you can ask me
Pass me, the reefer bet it be stinking like some athlete's
Feet, I be kicking it with bikini models in Tahiti
Lotto bitch, none these boys can see me
I hop on the track and they look like Stevie
Wonder how I do it so easily
It ain't no blunder, the highest pick since Michael Beasely
Record labels want me to dot my I’s and cross my T's
But I just tell em that it's not gon' fly
No, not with me
I am warming up, it's bout to be, Lotto season
I'm higher than Ariza, Rocket to the sky
And with the way I move Dwight
You wonder “Howard you not freezing?”
Bitch I'm Frieza -- Cooler than all you n***as
Go harder than Gohan
I'm brawling you n***as like super smash bros
Bet she shake that ass tho
I gotta get my cash flow
Up and I never gave a FUCK
About my last hoe, assholes
I tell them pretty bitches “I got my eyes on you”