Solo 45
Green House
[Hook x16]
Green house

Yeah, it's half one in the morning
The brandy and the vodka's pouring
I'm so drunk, I might bill a zoot, put a whole drawer in
Lean to the side, but I ain't falling

[Riko Dan]
I've been smoking and drinking so much
I don't know what I'm thinking, I'm so fucked
I've done thrown up, and I'm thinking the night's all over, wrapped, sewn up

You said you're on a big man ting then act like a grown up
Somebody better own up
You said you get love in your ends but that ain't what the youngers told us

They say you can handle the beef, but when it kicks off they phone us
They know we're winners, jackpot, 99 nudges, bonus

Man, I love the ends but it ain't safe
25 fucking years in the same place
That's why I'm gonna make it out in a hot sec
'Cause it's hard living here with a bait face
I walk in and my enemies vacate
They don't want GBH to take place

Straight face, smile everyday like it's pay day
King pin, mind out, better make way
It's not a long ting, it's not a lay lay

[Riko Dan]
And I will lick off your head top same way
Riko the Dan, manna badman DJ
But I don't play, man's nuttin' like Kay Slay

We don't trust anybody 'cause nobody play safe
It's one goal here: make papes
And get rich, get onto new pages

Stack Ps cause I've been spending for ages

[Hook x16]
Green house

Trust me, man a spitting bars with MCs on the A list
We got a lot of 'em on to new stages

Man can't test with the Beamer it's dangerous

Man can't test with the team or the wages

Fam, listen up when I say this
If we didn't go this hard, then half of the MCs today
Would they be here? Sorry, no, it's a par

Oh lord, he ain't lying fam
Me and my team we're flying fam
Man try fuck with the set up get wet up
You won't get up when I'm skying man (sky!)
We're living the dream
So fuck that up and it's a nightmare

[Solo 45]
Man try step on my Nike Airs
And I'll switch your lights off right here
'Cause me and my mandem are doing it
From day one I said: "Who is it?"
Thief and burgle
Man can't fuck wit' the circle
Boy Better Know, that's the label
Man can't eat from the table

Used to be broke, but now all my g's dem a stable
Manna getting that music money, don't care what the P is on a 8-ball

And man are overly grateful
Me and my n***as on MTV
Fuck your mp3
And your dead CD
If I phone 45, he will empty three

[Solo 45]
Empty three
Then double check, and squeeze off a next three

Only girls can fuck with a G
She wants to know how tall i am?
5 foot-sexy
She said she's a bad bitch, come and let's see

[Hook x16]
Green house