Solo 45
Muay Thai Kick To Face
[Intro: Solo 45]
P-p-p-p-p-pow pow pow
Mu-Muay Th-Th-Th-Ththai kick to face!
Mu-Muay Thai kick to face!
Muay Thai!
Forget the guns, forget the knives
I'm deading him straight!
Muay Thai kick to face!
I'll muller them
I'll muller them
I'll muller theeeem!

[Verse 1: Solo 45]
Muay thai fighters, BJJ, MMA fighters
Boy Better Know
Boy boy better know
Boy boy boy boy boy better know!
Final stage!
Kick, punch, elbow!
Elbow. Elbow!

[Verse 2: Jme]
You can't tell me jack
Man could never be wack
'Cos I've never had a sidewinder tape pack
Now I'm the bad man on the track
'Cos I never had a studio back in the day
Now I pick up the mic and spray
'Cos I never had enough on my brain to say
The shit that I say today?
I've never had a thought in my mind that's weak
Come against me that's peak
'Cos I never had a leng when I rolled on the streets
But I'll leng man down on the beat
'Cos I never had a care for any man's feelings
Fuck all your back street dealings!
'Cos I never had a penny in my pocket at start
But I'm here now - so do the math rude boy
We run this x8

[Verse 3: Jammer]
I run the game I don't walk the track
I run the ball like a quarterback
If I sell a man a draw but he don't like my weed, believe me. He can't bring the quarterback!
I don't like the thought of that
When i'm in the club I don't roll the stack
When i'm in the club I pull dem out
Champagne, Grey Goose, Jack Daniels at my table, man has got all of that
I don't wanna know where Jon Artelli is, I just wanna know where broaders at
After the dance go back to the yard, the mandem better not call the flat
And I'll end to all of that
Man try and violate Boy Better Know then Boy Better Know where the borders at

[Verse 4: Skepta]
When I was younger I had the ladies gassed
More time I was dressed in black
Thinsulate hat, so like Justin Timberlake I brought sexy back
But I don't wanna get caught in the trap
It's no biggie, I got 2 packs
I'mma put it on, and like Santa Claus I won't stop til' I empty the sack
My crew know that I back them anytime
I get the toys out when it's playtime
And if my 02's off tell man ring me on my BBK line
Til' then i'll be sittin' in my house with a big spliff watching Babestation daytime
Boy Better Know that's the family tree so fuck what they sayin' on the grape vine

[Verse 5: Frisco]
How should I start this, lemme just get straight down to the point
Mana go on road like the mafia
When I no mo' see ya man dem are moist
And I no mo' see ya man when ya shook, when it goes off none of them are making noise
Nuff of them are running up and down with the loose chat that's solely 'cos they're taking roids
Now man thinks that he's E man so it's not grappling ting when I see man
Bullets will tear through skin
All that muscle ain't botherin' me fam
Kitchen, chefin', stretching out the ting like a rubber band
I can defend my corner, worse way tump in the face - clubbalang!

[Verse 6: Shorty]
Who's runnin' it like us?
No one here get on your bike cuz
Look at the way we flow, righteous
Everything gold, we got the Midas touch
We got the bide's fuck
Lately sick in the mindframe
Don't care 'bout you forget the mindgames
Everywhere I go you know my name
Can't keep up get out of my lane
You just not moeshy enough
See me in the dance I'm holdin' the cup
By the end of the night might roll with a slut
I love my team to the death anybody fall down I'm holdin' 'em up
Go with the big dargs, you roll with the pups
Moesh, I got the flow with my guts