Solo 45
Not That Deep [Remix]
[Produced by The HeavyTrackerz]

See me on the road with my bros, feds can't make man talk
Never had a whip, never had Ps for a cab, couple man made me walk
Then I hit a lick, gave man food on the tick, couple man paid me short
Caught him in West, he was tryna buy some creps, beat him up in JD Sports

[Verse 1: Solo 45]
Hey, same old shit, in guns we trust
More alcohol, all guns or bust
Just had coke sniffed off my cock, but I don't even sniff
I touch those that can't be touched
You dream of whores that I done fucked
Check your bank balance, I know it's 0, bruv
You're lucky that it ain't that deep
Tell them groupies to grab their things because I'm deady ready
Off-license for vodka, you know already
Birds with massive tits, man had hit already
Good down south, yeah can park off a semi
So wasted, Yogi man, come and get me
Tried to get home, but my legs won't let me
Life's so good, man I want more Henny
I told them I used to saw down shotguns in my bedroom
With dill, flood the streets, Trident must still hate me
The old boys had me spray cribs, and now bricks for nice beats
I love it, you heard me
I'd rather gangbang than beat
45, Boy Better Know bruv
Can't lie, it's been a good year for the kid
Your postcode don't make you a gangster
You're not bad, your area is

[Verse 2: Big Narstie]
I tried to ride my wave
I tried to hold my meds
Needed the food, told my G I'm hungry ledge, come we go Greggs?
Order the food two sausage rolls and a steak bake, sausage and beans what's next?
Wanted a sandwich, this fat bitch tried tell man that she ain't got no bread
Get me mad, autogas
Fuck up everyone in Greggs
Kick 'em with the doughnuts and the yum yums
Nothing in this shop is blessed
Yeah I'm from south but mandem know
I'm mad in my Birmingham head
This boy's flow, woah, that is totally effed
Dem man are bread, baguettes, I'm a bloomer
Haven't these mandem known this yet?
Nanu nanu, Mork and Mindy, way up there
Sci-fi, like Babylon 5, man know that I shit on guys
Beam me up Scotty, down here's dead, they ain't got no more vibe

Spliff in the club, what d'you mean I can't smoke?
Drink in my cup, what d'you mean I can't cope?
Bun down the dance then I send man home
You can check my bros
[Verse 3: P Money]
Yo, see me on the road with my bros
Feds couldn’t make me chat
Never had a whip, never had Ps for a cab
Man never gave me jack
Then I hit a lick, gave man food on the tick
And man never paid me back
Caught him in East, he was tryna cop something cheap
Beat him up in TK Maxx
Mess with the fam, I'll go jail for my brother like I'm Scofield
You better change that tone still
Pulling out tools, it's a real ting, this is no drill
Real ting, this is no drill
One girl said "why don't he work with artists?"
That brudda there's got no jewels
Someone tell him, it's only healthy breddin
Bitch, I'mma do it like wholemeal, shut ya mout
Because your team's wack
Couldn't even get me on a loan deal
Man are like fam, P, that bread line's mad
I just got it, that's cold still, can't tell me jack
Stab who in the back? Get the blood and your flow spilled, man don't wanna clash
Man wanna go back to back, 4 wheels on a man, that's roadkill, mad

It's mad, man can't text me again, tryna make dark skin sexy again
It's mad, man can't text me again, tryna make dark skin-
[Verse 4: Jme]
When I write bars, I'm like an OG in jail cause man start panic when I buss out the pen
Me and P still here, you left then came back fam, you'll duss out again
Violations, not today rude girl, fall back, go suck out your friend
You just tested the leng, serious, please don't vex me again
Mad, everybody thinks they're bad, trigger fingers on YouTube and that
When man used to wear them Fisher Price skates
Is the only time that you roll with a strap, sad
Mandem gone mad, I'm not on this designer fad
Won't see me spend a bag on a LV bag
Won't spend a bag on a MCM bag
Fam, if you've got beef with a man, back it up, don't just talk, Ps in the bank
Make sure you are the dan at stacking up paper or, you will need a plan
Do not listen to man that's wrapping up more of them scores, he don't understand
If he thinks he's nang, man will slap him up for them thoughts

Walk in the rave with a smile on my face
Yeah man I got a few racks on me
Worm came through, don't ask what you pay
Tell man straight that a strap's not cheap
Light up my set then I'm out of the rave
Waiting around, nah that's not me
I got caught in the club with a slut
Tell my girl that it's not that deep
It's not that deep