Solo 45
Boy Better Know Cypher
[Intro: Skepta]
Yo, BBK, hundred million
We're going in
2012 shit

[Verse 1: Jme]
To those who don't know me hello
You think you control me, no
I'm one of the best artists in the world
And I leave other MCs below
If you ain't heard of me, hello
Keep up stop moving slow
Boy wanna know what Boy Better Know means
For you to find out and for me to know
If you know my face salute
Parlez-vous français? Salut
Je m'appelle J-M-E
Let me show you around this jungle like Baloo
If you know my face salute
Parlez-vous Français? Salut
Je m'appelle J-M-E
Let me show you around this jungle
I get black like Akon's hair
So black if you black out the lights, can't tell if I'm there
Black like Heskey's shins
Blacker than midnight tims
Blacker than your dad's burnt barbecue chicken
When he blacks out in the garden from sipping Black Label Carling
Black like the tarmac on the black road
When I drive my black car you know it zaps
[Verse 2: Jammer]
All the work I put in
Done all the work that them man couldn't
Late nights in the studio putting in bare work
Work that them man couldn't
I told them, the proof's in the pudding
Now I'm in bed with three different women
I told them don't sleep on me
Now they wanna trick or treat on me
Roll up, pull out the heat on me
But Boy Better Know us man are OGs
We make paper, grands!
Supporters, big up the fans
The only 'ting they're clapping is hands
Us man are major, got big plans
Us man roll with twenty-five gyal
Dem man roll with twenty-five man!
I knew it would happen, saw it coming
That's why it's our music they're plugging
I push grime hard, I go in
Some man say it's a psycho ting
But them man are fake on a lypo ting
Us man are big dargs, them a Michael 'ting
Roll by on a cycle ting
Man better take cover when I go in
I go in, I go hard
Make these other MCs go yard
Us man are wicked man, them man are soft
Ask Double and Foots if us man are 'ard
Man have got bars, man have got dough
I told pussy-oles don't sleep on me
So I give them a half for the gram of the snow
[Verse 3: Frisco]
Over-time, stamina
Endurance, go for time
I'm telling them know
You'd better know what you're doing if you decide to go for mine
I'm sick over grime, over rap, demolish MCs I'm known for that
Nobody can cross it, rise up the ting and clart it
If you try hold me back, hold a clap to your facial
Bullets hit anyone. They ain't racial
If you're a bad boy only with your mandem, you're an ee-diot
I can't rate you
You're an actor, like Denzel
I don't watch, man, I get girls
If you diss me I'll get you when you're yawning
6 in the morning, like Fem Fel (ayy)
You're looking at big darg
So mind who you're talking to
I got the hunger for more, who's talking food
Man are acting like he's got 9 lives
He can find out what the 4 5th do
Back of the club with the mandem about, move out of the way when I'm boring through
Lyrically sick, I was born with flu
Stop chatting shit, I will bore this dude
And I ain't gotta say much more
Fuck it, lemme say some more
Sending for me with your shit lyrics
Is like coming with a knife to a gun war
I done more, now I'm up high
So it don't make sense me coming down
Try and know if a man ain't talkin' money
I'll jam in my yard fuck coming out
Pass the mic lemme say suttin'
Lemme start this off like a play button
Stand firm and defend my team
And if it goes off I'mma spray suttin'
And if you get shivved I ain't gonna say nuttin'
Say nuttin'
I get paid to rhyme so it costs when I say suttin'
Them man are brook, they ain't made nuttin'
Them man know it's a UK invasion
I've been waiting, fuck waiting
I'm taking over man know the equation
Me with the mic man know what I'm making
Got all the top boys relating
A couple bad mind n***as, hating
Got my kitty to sample the food
He was like, "Fam, amazing"
I do this 'ting, them man are in training
Days in you know we go hard
Man are like ring the alarm
I'm killing off anything moving, fuck with me darg
Man are like "Fam you're too much for me darg"
North London n***as got love for me darg
I get love in the east and the west
And the south side n***as they fuck with me hard
Lyrically man can't fuck with the bars
Late, you man are stuck in the past
Man said he's gonna do me suttin'
Fuck it, he ain't gonna do me nuttin'
Fuck a hater. Spend a grand at the bar
All the work that I put in
Like Skeppy said "You man are working your arse off
And still can't get a look in"
[Verse 4: Skepta]
Wash down 1 Viagra pill with a glass of lemon and lime
And I won't stop until they realise that I'm the hardest of all time
Listening to an instrumental thinking of words that rhyme
Take my eyeball out, go blind when I write bars I put the I in grime
You call it a Boy Better Know Chain, I call it 10 years on the grind
Started to think positive and left the negative behind
Been to jail on remand in foreign countries, don't tell me shit about crime
I don't rob man no more, but I'll still take man's shine
I had the ladies gassed
More time I was dressed in black, Thinsulate hat
So like Justin Timberlake, I brought sexy back
But I don't wanna get caught in the trap
It's no biggie, I got two packs
And I put it on and like Santa Claus, I won't stop 'til I empty the sack
My crew know that I back them any time
I get the toys out when it's play time
And if my O2's off tell man ring me on my BBK line
'Til then I'll be sitting in my house with a big spliff watching Babestation Daytime
Boy Better Know is the family tree so fuck what they're saying on the grape vine

[Verse 5: Solo 45]
I'm better than that, I'm better than jail
I'm better than an illegal way gang banger
Better than a postcode, than a bandana
Better than a hoodlum stuck in the manor
I'm better than that
Can I get another glass of Grey Goose?
I wanna have fun but I can't seem to
Cos I wanna get myself out the manor
But there's a another camera and I'm the same old banger
So it's the same old questions, the guns, gangs the manor
Someone please tell 'em I'm a changed man since the slammer
But they don't wanna hear me, they just want the banger
Don't act bookey around me
I'll take your phone
Check your last calls
Swear to god. Wallahi azeem
If you know my enemies
And you ride with the enemies
I'll do all five dispersals
13 big stiff years for the enemies
I ain't looking for a number 1
You n***as know I'm number 1
I tell youngers "Bring the guns"
Bring the guns so they bring the guns
Over you found my man?
Yeah I owe you 1
Hold him there don't kill no one
May your death be slow and painful motherfucker
I said feed him to the lions
Feed him to the lions
Feed him to the lions
Feed him to the lions
Fuck it feed him to the lions
Feed him to the lions
Feed him to the lions
Fuck it feed him to the lions

[Interlude: Sketpa & All]
Muay-Muay-Muay Muay Thai kick to face
Muay Thai kick to face
Muay Thai kick to face
Forget the guns, forget the knives
I'm tellin 'em straight; Muay Thai kick to face
I'm one of them, I'm one of them, I'm one of them I'm one of them
Muay Thai fighters, BJJ, MMA fighters

[Verse 6: Shorty]
6 million ways to make it but I'm gonna make it my way
Moesh every day like say it was Friday
I get better every year like wine mate
I get better every bar that I spray
Lyrically doing this 'ting on a grime wave
So many Boy Better Know hits out there
You've been looking for a hit since MySpace
You might see me on the grime page
Yeah the shortest one on the grime stage
Plus I make sure I roll properly
Don't start cos this ain't the right place
Nuff MCs wanna play mind games
I'm a big man forget the mind frame
So many mad thoughts running through my brain
I'll soon have a big boy chain with my name
Quit smoking about five times last week
More times its just me and the weed
Ten Bensons, silver and a few sheets
One million voices still wanna speak
Look at me now two mixtapes deep
Wow. Look at the face it's peak
When I was on tour, dun know I got sore
Cos all over the house made the gyaldem weak
Now I get more than a kiss on the cheek
What happens on the tour bus stays there
If you're not moshing you know you can't play here
With Krept and Konan you know they don't play fair
Man wanna compare me to man
When they're Old Kent-road and I'm like Mayfair
I'm not on a hype, I'm trying to get paid here
New year's eve I can say I had a great year
Yo, might want to check this
I'm deep in the game
While you're floating up there with the dead fish
Never been sick. Never been devlish
Sometimes man try and come on some next shit
It can get stupid. It can get hectic
If anyone try and disrespect it
They get cleaned up like an English breakfast
They said I ain't gonna make it
They say my flow's too basic
I told them "Face it don't hate it"
Now my views freeze like I'm in the matrix
Same girls getting up to the same tricks
Same old guys gettin' up to the same shit
Everybody claims that they're doing this 'ting
But I don't see none of them guys on the grave shift
Chilling with the same guys from day dot
In 2000, listening to k dot
Back then man couldn't get a rave spot
Now I'm on the runway ready for takeoff
White on black tee in the same top
Still fucking up raves on the same drop
Never hate on shit that you ain't got
Life's way too short get paid boss
Stay humble, stay focused
Cos around here we're surrounded by jokers
Nuff man wanna talk about straps
But they can't kill a Locust
So certified (when I'm talking?)
We make tunes for the youngers and olders
I don't care what nobody says
If there was a grime belt we'd be the holders