Mimi Bay
Remember Game
[Verse 1: Cam’ron]
I been going thru this bullshit too long
My ex don't know the definition of move on
She ran down on me like, “Cam, I heard your new song”
You hot now, oh you done forgot, you was luke-warm
You done forgot, son, you done forgot, son
You from the block, son, I was with you on the ave selling hot ones
Trips to Ohio and back, who rolled shotgun?
It was me, I-7-6, I-8-0, I-9-5 in a Datsun
Where you gonna find another bitch like me, nowhere ‘cause its not one
So I asked her, what is this all about?
Are we playing the remember game?
Are we playing the remember game? (shh)
Some things will never change
You slept on that mattress, who bought you that better frame?
You was made at your gut, right, tummy tuck, who paid for a better frame?
Or maybe perhaps when your mother had a relapse
Who talked to her all night? All night, walked her right into rehab
Like a debt I cleaned her up, when Scotty wanted to beam her up
And when I park the Beamer up, who was right behind me? Girl, in a Beamer truck
Or when your brother put hands on you, who came thru with the flamer to steam him up?
We ran in the house with the guns and the mask, wait
Can’t even talk about that, I don't wanna talk about that
But why girl would you flush 5 ki-los right down the toilet like that?
Good thing the Mexicans trust me with the work, boy
Might of been in Mexico, buried down in the dirt, boy
What I do next week (what I do?) even though I almost left earth, boy
Bought you every color bag, green, red, turquoise
So I ask you, are we playing the remember game, huh?
Are we playing the remember game?
High top, low top, Gucci, Louis, bracelets rings and some better chains
Me you can never game, girl, you need some better aim
And there are some things that you know I will never name
I don't give a fuck though [?]
[Verse 2: Mimi & Cam'ron]
Yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah
Who held you down when you did that bid?
When you caught that charge, had to raise our kid
Five years up in buffalo, never let you go
On that bus every weekend
I was bagin’, it cookin’ it, puttin’ that work in
Holdin’ that hammer, do you remember?
Remember when they ran up in the crib, tied me up for six hours
They had a gun to my head, when I called you I was crying
Shot you in front of me, what would I do if I was to lose you?
Did you forget that? ‘Cause I will never
You remember when I took that loss
I used my inheritance, my savings and everything so you could be up again
You was down for a minute, played my position, ‘cause I knew you would win
You had violated me, more than once
Bitches calling, texting my phone
(That was my cousin)
N***a that wasn’t your cousin, everybody your fuckin’ cousin
No, that was some other hoe
Thought I was gona [?], or I’d never know
Your lucky I didn’t get ratchet and go get the ratchet
She’d be in a casket or wrapped up in plastic
And left where the trash is
You don't want the madness
‘Cause shit can get drastic
Had me thinkin’ it was just us
Finding lip gloss, panties in the car
Playing the remember game, are we playing the remember game?
So why you acting like you don't remember names
When my homegirl saw you leaving a three-hour telly
With that bitch you told me not to worry about
You was mad when I found out
Made her get rid of that baby
‘Cause you know I was crazy
10 years trying to play me
Had me fighting your bitches
Thought I was the only one you’d miss
When you would give me those kisses on my forehead
Those back rubs little long strokes from the back
Pulling and grabbing my hair
Choking me cause I like that
Doing it everywhere yeah, I remember that