Mimi Bay
[Intro: Laws]
Something incredible, it’s a new era, era
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, well, I am not them
They have got diamonds, I have got gems
Magazines are whack, I am top ten
But even if they wrong, Imma still…

[Hook: Mimi]
I give ‘em something incredible and make ‘em believe in life
Something for the happy days and even the lonely nights
I give ‘em something incredible

[Verse 1: Laws]
Singin', your girl like it
I started doing me and now the whole world like it
I make your girl…fame got its prices
But turning daughters out in hotel rooms, priceless
We’ll call room service
Tell ‘em we in need of first aid for two nurses
Well haters come in all shapes, I hope they all die
That’s what you call fate, someone get his number
Make sure to call Tate, you said he’s on the line, that’s what I call bait
So let your little friends at the mall hate
They’re gonna die broke, Imma give ‘em…


[Verse 2: Laws]
Yeah, well but this a king in his prince stage
And I can have you removed but your chick stays
Facebook.com, Laws Hip Hop
Me and her are about to have a fight, all rib shots
This a new era, double Ds, Imma let her get a new pair of
I work my way from the bottom, couldn’t do it fairer
I’m only trying to beat me, I don’t mean to scare you
I’m a product of misguided youth inside the booth, I’m kind of robotic
‘Cause I don’t feel nothing but I’m still calm
If that’s rap’s new school, I’m good will hunting
Are you the baddest on the Earth?
I go and put my flag on your turf
I’ve been dragged to the dirt but still came out shiny
You whack, shit, remind me, I gotta give ‘em…

[Hook 2X]