The Lovin’ Spoonful
Revelation: Revolution ’69
[Verse 1]
Well, no one dares to ask them what they do there after dark
And the prize they give to men who kill is a statue in the park
Ah, don't let 'em cut your wings, dear ones, before you learn to fly
Too soon the game will seem too real and then no one will ask why

I'm scared to start
I can't stop my heart
No, I want a revolution

[Verse 2]
And it's what they do not what they say that screams out "It's a lie"
Better keep your toke locked in your head before your marked to die
Let's hang together then, good friends, or you know we'll hang alone
And the hawks that fly will tear your eyes and rip your skin clean off your bone

I'm afraid to die
But I'm a man inside
And I need a revolution

[Instrumental Break]

[Verse 3]
And I'm tryin' watchin' brothers of mine doin' time for makin' those waves
About evil men who've been sittin' on them, laughin', lovin' the system they've saved
Those heavy-handed, hit-down, hard-on pushed them to this fight
And I'm tired of seein' our name done wrong when it's us who gives the right
And if looks can tell
Sure as hell
We're gonna have a revolution

Yeah, watch!