Mike Tyson
Black Steven Speaks
[Verse 2: Canibus]
I choke ghosts from my past with a rope made of ether 9 gas
Then I let the evil times pass
It's clear and only natural that n***as come at you to trap you
But they will put your assassin in shackles
If you seek revenge, dig many graves
Cause you will be betrayed a different number of ways
Many days are spent plotting and planning your revenge
But let me tell you how it's gonna end, son
Cold and lonely, dying slowly
Listening to oldies but ain't got no homies
Predatorial instincts, territorial animalistics
Some spirits are dark and twisted
We all rise and decline above or below that line
And continue to either climb or dive
Killer bee collective mind back at the hive
Sting you a million times just for acting all shy
Get booted up, move up, Fallujah Sharpshooter
Cougars chasing pumas, justice is juicing guts
The mortars shell loosen you up, you so stiff you stuck
Shut the... before I put you in the trunk
Fifty minutes of funk, I lock, load and dunk
Get some, that's how you get revenge you little punk
But revenge is not what Canibus want
Canibus love Hip Hop, Canibus is done