Mike Tyson
Student of War Speech
[Eben Britton]
Mike, how you doing?

Mike Tyson]
I'm doing good, uh, this is beautiful, that you came to this place in your life.
Uhm, we all come to this place in our life, and I guess, it comes to, it has to do with our mortality in some way.
Do we want to know, do we do do we really believe that we're going to see God after we die?
And if he sees us, is he going to be alright with what he saw in my lifetime?
And I know that's some n***a bullshit sometimes.
But when I see you, I don't see that. I see uhm, I see somebody when I'm twelve years old.
I saw you fight Wilfredo Benetiz. I was locked up. What was that in seventy-what? Nine?

[Sugar Ray Leonard]
'79, yes.

[Mike Tyson]
I'm locked up so what - I'm thirteen years old.
I'm locked up in juvenile.
I'm watching the fight, he wants the title but he's fighting the master, you know what I'm saying?
He's fighting the guy who's Champion of the world at 17.
Not amateur; professional.
So what? He's probably 21 now fighting - fighting you, right?
And he's fighting - I can't even talk.

[Sugar Ray Leonard]
Oh my God man, I love you man, and I support you.
[Mike Tyson]
Oh no - you inspired me so fucking much n***a!
I saw you fight Duran, it changed my life.
I said this is what I'm going to be!
This is fucking me n***a - because of you! All you.
You might not think you're nobody, n***a, I love you.

[Sugar Ray Leonard]
Well, thank you man, thank you.

[Mike Tyson]
I've been jealous of you all my life n***a, because you're so beautiful.
You stupid - you don't even understand man.
You're immortal to me.
And uhm, when I saw you lose to Macho it didn't even effect me, because that wasn't you! That wasn't you!
I didn't even cry, it didn't even bother me, that ain't the Sugar daddy.
See uhm, I shouldn't be on here with you, because I'm in love with fighting.
'Cause this is what fighting's did to me. Look at my shit, this is what fighting did for me.
This is my shit.
You're on my show, n***a.

[Sugar Ray Leonard]
Yes, I am. Yes, I am.

[Mike Tyson]
So when I see you, I love you, you're almost - it's like I worship you n***a.
I see Duran all in your ether.
You came back throwing - you were throwing punches.
And I'm an exponent of the art of fighting.
You were throwing punches.
I learned from the master - my master.
Cuz my mentor he was throwing punches.
He was throwing combinations.
In the art of punches, when you can throw two punches and it sound like one.
He was throwing punches. Pow, pow. You could hear 'em.
There were two but they sound like fucking one punch.
They don't understand.
Anyone who hears this that understands the art of fighting, they know what I'm saying.
He threw two punches that sound like one.
You know - You know how magnificent your speed have to be for that.
You don't even know that about fighting, do you?
That don't even come to your mind; to make two punches sound like one.
The ultimate knock out puncher.
[Sugar Ray Leonard]
The ultimate knock out punch. Don't get hit by that. Don't get hit by that.

[Mike Tyson]
Listen, I'm a fucking student of war.
I know all the warriors from Charlemagne, Achilles, the number one warrior of all warriors.
From there, Alexander, Napoleon.
I know them all, I read them all, I studied them all.
I know the art of fighting; I know the art of war. That's all I ever studied.
That's why I'm so feared.
That's why they feared me when I was in the ring.
'Cause I thought I - I was an Annihilator. That's all I was born for.
Now those days are gone, it's empty, I'm nothing.
I'm working on being the art of humbleness, can you believe in me?
That's the reason why I'm crying. '
Cause I'm not that person no more.
And I miss him.
Because sometimes I feel like a bitch.
Because I don't want it - I don't want that person to come out.
Because if he comes out, Hell is coming with him.
And it's not funny at all.
It sound cool, like I'm a tough guy.
It's just bad - I hate that guy; I'm scared of him.