Honest Truth
[Intro: AZ]
Spesh you know it's movie time
Only a few can stitch together that reality rap
Let's show these crabs how to rhyme

[Verse 1: AZ]
Lyrically inclined for the lesser
Live n***a certified, fly guy finesse her
Respect the repper in Gucci sweats, none extra
Could never see me stress over no stink coochie heifer
The Buddha blesser, brutalizer, no Uber drivers
Remove the roof off the coupe and maneuver liver
Who the wiser?
The Porsche sail with the whale tail
ADIDAS shells, puffing L's since Melly Mel
Scales kept new, no residue
Tool by the testicles, jewels all vegetables
Rebel, I'm on a whole 'nother level
Exposed to the devil, heart cold as my bezel
Settled, paid outta court, my fault
I guess he never thought I had a temper that short
The shooter with hopes to retire out in Aruba
Guinness Stout and Kahlua, the Jumu'ah house in Meduña (Alhamdulilah) another body over a rumor
My homie hopin' the lump he got ain't a tumor
I'm just listenin' tryin' to stop the assumers
Whatever, my era, Lacoste socks and Pumas
[Verse 2: 38 Spesh]
Hey look
If we don't stick together, we can't stop intruders
Or watch for the shooters, snakes, and opportunists
On a hot block full of users
These the results when the pops don't watch for his juniors
Nobody 'round to say not to do this
So we disciplined from judges and prosecutors
Block polluted, cops pursue us, man, we ballin' like Roger Lewis
It's hard for these hoes not to screw us
Your girl might chill and vent
She let me get 'em sent then I might pay her light bill and rent
I'm isolated and militant
But a snake'll slither in your place even if you build a fence
I'm dealin' with some real events
Them people heard I was eatin' and they been on my heels since
How could I not feel tense when there's ten bricks in the whip of the same shit that killed Prince
We all follow a Chain of Command
If a soldier steal then another soldier would bring me his hand
All them losses made me a man
How you claimin' he fam' when that n***a chargin' you eighty a gram
I was searchin' for the perfect chance
When you step on work, you view life from a certain stance
My plug gave me a first advance
In the club gun under my shirt and pants so it hurt to dance
We all came from the dirt and sand
I reverse the plans, its 'cause of fans I'm shippin' merch' to France
That's your man 'cause of circumstance
Understand if you help the wrong person it could hurt your hands