[Intro: 38 Spesh & Kool G Rap]
Hey yo
Yeah, yeah
Hold up, hold up
Yo, Domingo turn that beat up my n***a, nah'm sayin'?
Yeah, yeah, yeah like that
Hell yeah, hell yeah, hell yeah
Ay yo we 'bout to do this shit for NY my n***a
All day everyday baby, you know what it is man
Nah'm sayin? Fuck wrong with these n***as G?
Nah'm mean?
N***as need reality checks baby, you know?
That's real shit, man
I'm tryna' tell these n***as, man, I'm a son of this shit man
I'm a son of gangsta rap, man, you know what I mean?
I'm a product of this shit, man, know what I'm sayin'?
I feel you young blood
That's real shit, man, see, you know what I mean?
I consider you one of the fathers of this shit man, nah'm mean?
No doubt, baby
Nah'm mean? Man, you always paint them pictures, man
It's time for me to paint my motha fuckin' pictures for these n***as, man
You know what I'm sayin'?
And I see you baby, the world is yours, you know what I mean?
It's a 38 thing poppin' off
Let's go
Nah'm mean? Trust come first
Shout out to the whole trust, nah'm mean?
KGR by my side
Hey yo, my n***a Prem' came through he dropped off some work
My n***a Pete Rock came through, he dropped off some work, nah'm sayin'?
Alchemist came through, he dropped off some work, nah'm mean?
My n***a Showbiz, he came through, he dropped off some work
Biz, what up!
You know we about to throw all this shit in the pot and get to cookin' man, nah'm mean?
Nah'm mean? I said my n***a Prem' right? He came through
Soulful n***a
You know, you know, you know we workin', let's go!
Throw that shit in the pot, man
We about to bring all this shit back, straight drop, man
This time is ours man, lets go!
Hey yo
[Verse 1: 38 Spesh & Kool G Rap]
Yo, huh, them dealings I was involved in
So-called gangstas gainin' recognition off our shit (That's our shit!)
Huh, had em throwin' up when I parked it
They feelin' nauseous, that's the definition of car sick (Car sick)
Huh, a resemblance of Martin (Yeah), Malcolm (Who?)
Huey and a mixture of Marcus (Wooooo) Garvey
But when I party I'm Mr. Marcus, I roleplay the boss and I fuck the whole office (Uhh)
Now let me tell you somethin' if you didn't know (Young blood)
Every chick that I'm with put it in her throat (Raw)
It's like a DWI when I'm with a hoe
She get privileges revoked 'cause she didn't blow

[Outro: Kool G Rap]
Yo, yo, yo, hold, hold up for a second man
Yo, yo, yo, sl-slow down, baby
Hit the brakes on em, 38
That's all you gotta push on 'em right now, nah'm sayin'?
You tryna' OD 'em, baby, nah'm sayin'?
Easy (Easy, easy, easy, easy)