Jaw Jackin
[Chorus]: [x2]
You and ya boy jaw jackin actin' like you wanna buck
Yo mug all mean like I really give a fuck
Been talkin' like you want it but I got ya
If it's in ya I'mma get it out ya
Right after I done shot ya
I know you heard about me (bout me)
And even if ya ain't, ya heard about Bun B (bop bop)
New to the game, now I'm in the big leagues
I lift weights but my money all ???? (swole)
Price tag on your head cause I'm filthy
So watch what you say, you don't want to get 50 (bop, bop)
Cause I might be a little bit tiny
But you don't see the counters ?????
Grind me, angry, get real
Put a bullet in your head, call it Holyfield
No hands, no feet they kill
Pimp jack you off (ah) and they take chill
Only guns pop here, but they don't kill
I know who did it, but I'll never tell
Will a man rob me you better ask God
And pray you got him in your heart (bop)

[Bun B]:
Big Bun B to have heater when travel
Put it on your mind watch your brains unravel
Put one in your neighbor watch it leaking out in slow-mo
If until it's no mo, Texas, no homo
Nothin' but them G's playa nothin but them thugs
Nothin but them trill-ass n***as with them drugs
And on top of the game, ain't nothin' above
But some semi-automatics (what?) ??? and slugs
You can try it if you feel it but I wouldn't recommend it
I don't miss what I ain't, you get it if I send it
Just as I intend it
So if you feel the cap, you made outta tephlon n***a it's a rap (rap)
Like daffodils and rose petals, I'm fragrant
Don't eat me but it smell like bacon
Money in the bank, home, money for the takin'
Ask ???? then I carry it in the basement
Ask about the shovel signing girls go crazy
I see a lot of swag but there ain't none like me
I own the new age LL rock bells
And I'm hard as hell
Don't try me
When you see the choppa ???
Haters wanna mug, because they hate me
It's what she think of, until she met me
I met her at the club around 2:15 and by the quarter past 3 she was pounded by the beast
King of the underground king of the sheets
Can't even put it in your mouth, bitch go to sleep