Bang Ta Dis (Remix)
[Intro: Benzino]
Un, un
Can't hang wit dis
Yo, can't hang wit dis
Can't hang wit dis, bitch-ass n***as

[Chorus: Benzino]
Stop what your doin and slang ta dis
Pull your guns out and bang ta dis
We don't give a fuck if you hate and shit
You bitch n***as still can't hang with dis

[Hook 4x: Benzino]
Blood, slugs, murder, jail
Pussy, drugs, power, bail

N***a, I throw you in the shark cage - straight Mobb n***a
And n***a P ain't playin no games, fuck with 'em
I have you n***as runnin around with shails
I have you n***as buyin guns, for real
Pattin on 'em, might pop up and lay things down
You absolutely right, n***as get laid out
N***as is out they head going at me
N***a you ready to die, I'm ready to squeeze
Fuck it, I ain't backing down or backing up
I got that bomb shit - you get blowin up
When my razor touch ya head, neck and face
And I'ma give you that shot, rest in peace


I spend my whole life tryin to get paid for this
I watched Rock get slayed for this
I kept it gangsta - n***as.. don't.. want.. it
Betta yet, motherfuckers can't take it
Strike back so there whole squad suffer
Attack n***as til they can't get enough of...
I got RSO blood in my vein
Made Men take it there, for see no pain
I run with n***as that see no pain
And cock them things, dip quick in the Range
Unsolved murderers, cold case n***as
Undescribable, when we squeeze those triggers
Invisible like night glove
Shine like a nickel four-fifth, bitch slang to this, c'mon


[Bars & Hooks]
Yeah, it's real ill when a classic album drop
But it's real fucked up when a classic album flop
And your sweet dreams turn into nightmares - your plans get crushed
It seems like the grands been flushed
But since it's all for diniero, you can't give up
We gotta keep hope alive and, keep strivin
Keep scribin, and don't give up til we Diamond
If any n***a get in our way squeeze iron
[Bars & Hooks]
Yeah, we gang bang him, we shoot him til we dyin
Act like a n***a said "Bars", and empty out fry him
Shoot that n***a, cut that n***a til we dyin
Cause he wanted to lay down, and we couldn't deny him
So n***a, get up out or way, we don't play
Ain't no n***a, ain't no bitch, ain't nobody I won't spray
You n***as is ass, my n***as is Made, y'all mens is two throat, my n***as is too big
Who want it? Come bring it, let's bang, motherfucker



Boston, New York, bang ta dis
Philadelph-e-a just slang ta dis
North and South Carolina bang ta dis
Chi-town, L.A., just slang ta dis
Conneticut, Providence, bang ta dis
D.C., Detroit, just slang ta dis
Cleveland, Oakland, sland ta dis
ATL, Texas, bang ta dis
New Orleans, Tennessee, just band ta dis
MIA, Jersey, hang ta dis
Baltimore, Pittsburgh, just slang ta dis