[Intro: yU]
Swear to god I be tryna' chill
But every once in a while somebody try to pull me out my comfort zone
Know what I'm sayin'?

[Verse 1: yU]
Now this is for whoever want it
We on that forever never [?]
It ain't masculine for one to keep their lips runnin', do somethin'
Sniper rifle of the crew, gunnin'
Ill with [?] and we still remain movin' upward
Who's a sucker?
Me or you?
Let's find out
I give yo' ass somethin' to rhyme 'bout
Now jot it down
Asked if it was a prob' and I heard not a sound
And I can't respect you gettin' bold when I'm not around
You some kind of beat around the bush ass n***a
I mean I'm asking, want some man to man shit?
Cos' dancing around them grounds, you get yo' ass whipped
For [?] your shoe box stash, lucky I have kids
I think about the repercussions
When we were younger we were lunchin' off the reefer beef for be redundant
Really, if any give me a call
The winds get windy and my world chill, permanent [?]
Pride talks with the wide eyeballs like what's happenin'
Fuck the chit chat and not easily distracted
Business about my bread so better have it
Standing, anything else is problematic
[Hook 1]
Call me if you owe me, best to have my bread
Cos' I just left the bank (hey hey)
And it ain't, alright
Nah it ain't, alright
I need mine, [?] my shit on time and uh..

[Verse 2: yU]
Start the second verse of with one two
N***as who don't punch clocks will punch you
If you threatenin' their livelihood, it may not be good
Where's my cut? what?
Oh you done got me fucked up
Rage just make the veins more pressin'
Take a deep breathe for a second
Disrespecting, you get your lines disconnected
All of your possessions collected, and then we exit
Dyslexic with the turn around of funds
Absorb yours, kinda sorta' like sponge
Had to be done, jump out there then gravity come
Runnin' your mouth with your raggedy tongue
[?] like, the type to roam the earth at night
That go light burn bright, but is it worth your life?
Remember back, met a bully, then I learned to fight
Fuck your height, Imma' stand up right
Lil' [?] against might
He blinking, I threw a right, left, right
Black a n***a out, ain't no sight left
Tight, problematic
Alright, nah it ain't, alright
Recognize, ain't no [?], look here

[Hook 2]
Imma' need Gs and a large amount, or Imma' flip on you
And it ain't, alright
Nah it ain't, alright
Talkin' [?] the side of your mouth, huh

When you know you owe somebody, talking 'bout you don't have it
Word to [?], live by the L status
Notice how you the only one just laughing
[?] ballin' up from all of that [?]
You like three months late, next time I see you
Might have to smack a grown man in front of people
When you peaceful, look at how them n***as treat you
Having come into your job just to greet you