Listen to Me
Listen to me!
La-la, la-la, la-la
Listen to me!
La-la, la-la, la-la
Listen to me
La-la, la-la, la-la
Listen to me!

What I gotta do in order for you just to listen to me[x2]
What I gotta do

[Verse 1:]
Listen to me
What have I got to do to get respect and get the money
Seems a lot a dudes is makin moves, dem beatin those, who’s paid their dues
They cheated, it’s like they break the rules, criminals
Not excusin me an you, sittin down, for interviews
What demons do in schools ok but view the news not able to do shit
Cause I ain’t even in the mode, I wanna be famous too
I wanna be makin news so I can put ma kids through school
Get em out an wash some hair that I can run ma fingers through, but she probably be singing too
And what I gotta do, in order for you, to just, to just (listen to me!)

[Verse 2:]
Hey D, I don’t think they heard dat
They all up in d beat an don’t know where d fuck the words at
But if I say i serve crack could be up in the trap
Knuckle heads they give me d yapp an then they
An that’s bull when you try to supply dem wit some’n good
An they look you all up in d face, like what d fuck!
It’s like I’m tryna wine an dine em but they only want McDonalds
But I gotta switch my diet up, the garbage they be buyin up
That ain’t food for thinkin man, cause that’s d dummy cuisine shit
Believing as am preaching because i got reach back for the piece to reach the highing and increase that more
That breakin boundaries we screaming we need to see that more
Cause when you slack off an take d back door to get your stacks
A man need meals an all you get from him is snacks
Back to dem classic formats, prime an closed mind open wit dem crowbar raps
Send a boom and a bap who says my swing is like an aluminium bat you in the back you feelin that
Your like Jeff say, all that im cooking is the fresh way
So bow heads say grace then y’all can press play
Garlic, cinni, bars with vinni make yah breath stink
The whole planet brought organic, the rest ain't
I stretch the ink i guess the estimate the paint water the rest is just a tray
Some blessed with just a leap of faith
Fuck what people say especially today its like they sleep away with nothing you need to say
Whole team of fakes and they playing keep away
We dream of being great and hope legacy into place
Def Dee can relate, I've been freaking this way
I keep my folks close, those of you wicked away
Audio jump outta ya sound I left the mic as evidence so clip!
Loaded with rounds, 145 pounds puttin classes down
And if you didn’t know by now, you better listen to me

Listen to me [x3]