Get in Line

Folks know the time
We come through, we ride (ride...)

One, two

Check me out

[Verse 1: Oddisee]

So real, so ill
Measured the dope this wholesale
No scale
Uncut raw folktales from my motel
Ya ain't in my clique, well n***a, then oh well
It's the bandwagon, grab ahold of my coattails
George Jets and I'm step and they so snail
Best in the north, east, south, and the west end
My crew is the truth, ya'll marriage is folk tales, fables
Made up from movies, TV, cable
No sale up in the District - so bailed
Explicit, n***as is so frail
Listen, the telltale sound of the bitchness, I'm witless
Oh yeah, I'm from the county
And XO and YU and n***as is found me
They nice with the flow, still they died proudly
So if I say the word
They defer to that cold chair, mildly

Keep them hands high up
Blazes to the sky up
Green lean outsell everybody fired up
Hit me on the ride up
Street things, big things
Writing on the wall to get our neighbors on the flyer
Take a little higher
Six sing, big sting
Got a little plan to make my money that much higher
XO, YU, Oddissee the devil made
The Diamond District, and watch you getting lounge to this shit

[Verse 2: XO]

Compare me to fire, attire:
All black, I'm a rider
I lap n***as even though I'm running beside ya
Find ya, n***a like me, within a cypher
360 degrees, yeah they ignite the
Flame if I D.I.E, then bury me with a hat that say D(dot)C
They may be H.O.T, but they not me. I'm from that
Q.B.T, so come see me
In the District that's a diamond
So all can see we shining
And think we new, but- we OG
Flamboyant and destroy any we low key
And they suck like pacifiers
They babies, lazy; we retire
That's why we on heavy, rotate you like a drier
Spin cycle, 360 degrees, just like my cypher
D.C to trinity, now get the lames

[Verse 3: YU]

If I go, then I'm head-first in
Work until I short circuit
Leave a mark and it is permanently in there
Just like a Sharpe pen
Soon as I start you in, no argument, they know
Somehow I can sense fear
Smell it from a mile up
Folks be askin:
"How come there ain't no weak link in the crew, ya'll the thoroughest"
Whirlwind blow, the planet Earth's
My zone twirling the globe, bringing all that home
They call it curtains, when these three perps is working to
See reaper, call it the reverb
Learn. Oddi can see way back in high school
On my own tim before the cell phone flip
The beat skip and I would hold my grip
They call me YU, down to Earth, brown to worth
More than money can purchase, gone away with no disservice
I dig deep, Oddisee make big beats
Medics on you street, the new three, maybe you will soon see